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13 Sep 2012

FarmVille Haunted Hollow Farm First Look

This will be a preview of the upcoming FarmVille new farm extension the FarmVille Haunted Hollow. This maybe release for an early access next week. It features a lot of creepy and cool decorations, trees, animals and
18 Aug 2012

FarmVille Lost and Found Guide

Ok, ever experience missing or misplacing your animals for the quest and having problem locating it? or an items perhaps. Yup, it sure do confusing to find these animals or items if you place it in your

6 Jun 2012

Jade Falls Buildings Guide

New farm and new start in FarmVille Jade Falls. Players will have the options to build new Animal storage building for the new farm. If so it will be convenient if you gonna start saving those Special
5 Jun 2012

A FarmVille Guide to Jade Falls: Asian Farm

FarmVille opens today for early access the new farm extension Jade Falls: Asian Farm. Players may now travel to Jade Falls by paying the early access fee of 45 FV cash. It is quite different when you
25 May 2012

New FarmVille Jade Falls Asian Farm Extension

A first look at the unreleased new farm extension the FarmVille Jade Falls: Asian Farm. Asia maybe the next travel destination of FarmVille players as it maybe soon be released next month. There’s plenty of challenge awaiting
6 May 2012

Tips on Posting FarmVille Feeds

Having problem posting FarmVille feeds? do your friends having a hard time seeing your feeds especially those Quest feeds? Help them to see these feeds with this simple tips.   Prioritize on which feeds to post by
21 Mar 2012

Player Appreciation Week and Gift Box Cleaning

FarmVille is having an appreciation week. And there will be new surprises each day. Among the features are the Double Mastery Week (which we been waiting, they have one of this last December), Special Delivery Boxes (added