Opals Kingdom Archive

12 Apr 2017

FarmVille Things Where They Belong (Opals Kingdom CH 8)

We help in establishing peace in FarmVille Things Where They Belong, an Opal’s Kingdom Chapter 8 Quests. Mr. Seeker has just abandoned his ship and his crew are now confuse on where to go next. We will
10 Apr 2017

FarmVille Rebuild (Opals Kingdom CH 9 – 30 Day Quests)

The dust has just settled, as we are going to help fix the city in FarmVille Rebuild, an Opal’s Kingdom Chapter 9 Quests. This is a special Opal’s Kingdom Quests where it will have 12 stage to

4 Apr 2017

FarmVille The Resistance (Opals Kingdom CH 7)

The destruction of the city has just started in FarmVille The Resistance, an Opals Kingdom Chapter 7 Quests. The defense of the city is falling and the people are frightened that destruction will not stop. We are
29 Mar 2017

FarmVille Machine Looses The Sheen (Opals Kingdom CH 6)

The machines are coming to speed things up in FarmVille Machine Looses The Sheen, an Opal Kingdom Chapter 6 Quests. Since they notice that work was slow and these machine can helpĀ  speed things up. we are
21 Mar 2017

FarmVille Trust Issues (Opals Kingdom CH 5)

We will helpĀ  protect the city in FarmVille Trust Issues, an Opals Kingdom Chapter 5 Quests. Merman has just told us that we need to trust them because Opal already told them about our knowledge about the
14 Mar 2017

FarmVille Money Matters (Opals Kingdom CH 4)

We have just discovered an underwater civilization in FarmVille Money Matters, an Opal’s Kingdom Chapter 4 Quests. We have just stumble an evidence that could lead us to an un touch underwater civilization. We need to tell
7 Mar 2017

FarmVille The Proof (Opal’s Kingdom CH 3)

We are up to investigate the arrival of people in the city in FarmVille The Proof, an Opal’s Kingdom Chapter 3 Quests. Opal has been diverting their attention to another path so that we can buy time