Phantom Valley Archive

26 Nov 2015

FarmVille The Last Leg (Phantom Valley CH 11)

Thabisa is considering staying and be left behind as we prepare to leave in FarmVille The Last Leg, a Phantom Valley Chapter 11 Quests. There is till much to discover and to do in this farm that’s why
17 Nov 2015

FarmVille A New Leaf (Phantom Valley Ch 10)

Since we have just lifted the curse, it will interesting to see what the land can offer in FarmVille A New Leaf, a Phantom Valley Chapter 10 Quests. Our friends in Phantom Valley is suggesting that we

15 Nov 2015

FarmVille Maintainence 101 (Phantom Valley Special)

Thabisa seems to be gone, and left us to take the challenge in FarmVille Maintainence 101, a Phantom Valley Special 30 day Quests. As we have learned from Thabisa on how to take care of Phantom Valley, it will
11 Nov 2015

FarmVille Open Your Eyes (Phantom Valley Ch 9)

Finally we have found a way to lift the curse as Count Horatio explained in FarmVille Open Your Eyes, a Phantom Valley Chapter 9 Quests. Thabisa explained that the hint Count Horatio gave means is that we have to
5 Nov 2015

Phantom Valley 8: FarmVille Do The Limbo

Learn more about the secret of the Vanderpool family in FarmVille Do The Limbo, a Phantom Valley Chapter 8 Quests. It seems that our friend knows more about the story of Count Horation, Vanderpools father. He will
27 Oct 2015

Phantom Valley 7: FarmVille Gone Batty

We believe that we have finally found a way to lift the curse in FamVille Gone Batty, a Phantom Valley Chapter 7 Quests. The Vanderpool family has been cursed for centuries but now, together with our help,
19 Oct 2015

Phantom Valley 6: FarmVille Down for the Count

The cure for the curse is still unfound and we need to help in finding it in FarmVille Down for the Count, a Phantom Valley Chapter 6 Quests. Only Valerius can keep the curse at bay. He explains that