Savannah Safari Archive

14 Sep 2015

Savannah Safari 10: FarmVille Ground Rules

The tables will be turned as we are the one who will be training new recruits in FarmVille Ground Rules, a Savannah Safari Chapter 10 Quests. Mbali needs our help in training new recruits for the S.W.E.E.T.
9 Sep 2015

Savannah Safari 8: FarmVille The Call Of The Wild

Our hard work paid off as we finally received the designation of being a certified S.W.E.E.T. member in FarmVille The Call Of The Wild, a Savannah Safari Chapter 8 Quests. Mbali is excited to give us this

6 Sep 2015

FarmVille Shutterbug School Quests

Be prepared for another special 30 days quests with FarmVille Shutterbug School, a Savannah Safari Chapter 9 Special Quests. Stevie is going to show us the ways on how to become an ace wild life photographer and this will
31 Aug 2015

Savannah Safari 7: FarmVille Sleight of Man

Our investigation paid off and we finally find out who the culprit is in FarmVille Sleight of Man, a Savannah Safari Chapter 7 Quests. Mbali is excited that our hard work didn’t go to waste as we
26 Aug 2015

Savannah Safari 6: FarmVille Getting Dumped

We are investigating further on who is dumping the trash in FarmVille Getting Dumped, a chapter 6 of the Savanna Safari Quests. Mbali is furious as he found out there still someone who are dumping trash from
16 Aug 2015

Savannah Safari 4: FarmVille Unleash Your Wild Side

We have just discovered the anomalies happening in the jungle in FarmVille Unleash Your Wild Side, a Savannah Safari Chapter 4 Quests. Based on the photos that was captured by our friend Stevie, there are some places that
16 Aug 2015

Savannah Safari 5: FarmVille Taking In The Trash

We need additional help, so it’s time to call our friend Stevie in FarmVille Taking In The Trash, a Savannah Safari Chapter 5 Quests. We can’t progress with our project because of our inexperience in studying the animals. We need