Treasure Tides Archive

22 Jul 2015

Treasure Tides Chapter 8: FarmVille Home Ahoy!

It looks like we can finally travel back to mainland in FarmVille Home Ahoy, a Treasure Tides Chapter 8 Quests. Our Captain has successfully fixed a Seabird and it works outstandingly great. We can now build an
15 Jul 2015

Treasure Tides Chapter 7: FarmVille There’s Fish in Me Boots

We are going to learn more about the sea bird in FarmVille There’s Fish in Me Boots, a Treasure Tides Chapter 7 Quests. Capt. Cutlass Coltrain is one of the only few who know how to build a Captain

11 Jul 2015

FarmVille Captain’s Finishing School (Treasure Tide 9)

Captain Coltrain will show and teach us on how to become a captain in FarmVille Captain’s Finishing School, a Treasure Tides Chapter 9 Quests. This will be a special 30 day quests where the tasks will be harvesting and
7 Jul 2015

Treasure Tides 6: FarmVille The Song of the Seabird

Our journey to search for treasure tide with Capt. Cutlass Coltrain continues in FarmVille The Song of the Seabird, a Treasure Tides Chapter 6 Quests. It seems we are going to hear the story of Capt Jackdaw who is
30 Jun 2015

Treasure Tides 5: FarmVille Dropping Anchors

Our journey with Captain Cutlass Coltrain continues in FarmVille Dropping Anchors, a Treasure Tides Chapter 5 Quests. As the Capt explains, many ships have failed in search for the treasure tides still even up to now no one has returned
23 Jun 2015

Treasure Tides Chapter 4: FarmVille Over the Horizon

We are about to traverse a new territory in FarmVille Over the Horizon, a Treasure Tides Chapter 4 Quests. Quarter Master Galena sensing an unbalance crew who is vulnerable of triggering a mutiny so she suggested that
15 Jun 2015

Treasure Tides 3: FarmVille Skeleton Crew

Capt. Cutlass Coltrain has some story to tell about him in FarmVille Skeleton Crew, a Treasure Tides Chapter 3 Quests. We will learn more about the captain on this chapter as he will share his stories from