Winter Noel Archive

14 Jan 2018

FarmVille Onward Ho (Winter Noel CH 7)

Our friend would like to thank us for helping her Papa in FarmVille Onward Ho, a Winter Noel Chapter 7 Quests. She is very thankful that her father has just come home safely. In order to thank
13 Jan 2018

FarmVille Paying it Forward (Winter Noel CH 8)

Our friend is excited with the new year in FarmVille Paying it Forward, a Winter Noel Chapter 8 Quest. This mission is one of those 30 day quests where we will be completing 12 stage of challenges.

30 Dec 2017

FarmVille As a Family (Winter Noel CH 6)

Let us  join our friend in a heartwarming moment when he finally told her father about her secret in FarmVille As a Family, a Winter Noel Chapter 6 Quests. She is planning to say these to her
30 Dec 2017

FarmVille Big for Her Boots (Winter Noel CH 5)

We need to cheer up our friend because his Papa will leave in FarmVille Big for Her Boots, a Winter Noel Chapter 5 Quests. She need our guidance during this time when her Papa is scheduled to
21 Dec 2017

FarmVille Making Ends Meet (Winter Noel CH 4)

We are going  to help Otto in finding more parts in FarmVille Making Ends Meet, a Winter Noel Chapter 4 Quests. Our friend was so glad in learning that we are helping Otto. She’s been looking forward
16 Dec 2017

FarmVille Fuzzy Picture (Winter Noel CH 3)

Our friend is having a some sort of dilemma in FarmVille Fuzzy Picture, a Winter Noel Chapter 3 Quests. He needs our advice regarding what to do and decide what’s best his family. He needs to make
7 Dec 2017

FarmVille Family Welcome (Winter Noel CH 2)

We will join our new friend Otto as we shoe him around the town in FarmVille Family Welcome, a Winter Noel Chapter 2 Quests. He would like to stroll around the town to check out some sites.