FarmVille Celestial Pastures 4: I am Rubber You are Sloog


Our friends space adventure continues in FarmVille I Am Rubber You Are Sloog, a FarmVille Celestial Pastures Chapter 4 Quests. We will pickup the story right from where we left off from the last chapter as our heroes discovered an elusive entity. A slime creature Sloog and it’s scaring the alienimals of Celestial Pastures.

Other than building a Space Orchard and the 2 day crop Dazzler, this chapter of the FarmVille Celestial Pastures quest will look like you’ll get through it in a breeze. Just place the Slimed Chicken in a farm where you have a multiple Aviary or you can even try on putting it in a Chicken Coop so that you can master it quickly. Also it is also a good idea to collect the bushels for the crafting early. Note: Release date will be on Monday, July 1.

Celestial Pastures Chapter 4 Quests 1: FarmVille Sloog-a-Bed


Ask friends for 7 Guardian Vines (request for )

Harvest 35 Ruzberries (skip 10)
Info: 8 hours to grow and harvest.

Harvest Space Ship 2 Times (skip 20)




Sloog-a-Bed Quest Reward1 Slimed Chicken, 2 Celestial Crystals, 150 xp, 3000 coins, 190 gp


Celestial Pastures Chapter 4 Quests 2: FarmVille Spark of Genius


Ask friends for 8 Mechanism Wheels (request for )

Harvest 50 Star Puff Cotton (skip 10)
Info: 12 hours to grow and harvest.

Harvest Slimed Chicken 2 Times (skip 15)
Tip: Place and harvest the Slimed Chicken in the Aviary.


Spark of Genius Quests Reward1 Reactor Sheep, 2 Astro Saplings, 200 xp, 3500 coins, 200 gp


Celestial Pastures Chapter 4 Quests 3: FarmVille Charge Shards


Ask friends for 9 Static Electric Crystals (request for  )

Harvest 60 Space Dust Sugar Cane (skip 10)
Info: 1 day to grow and harvest.

Craft 1 Portal Window (skip 15)
Info: Craft Portal Window in the Craftshop and it will need Star Puff Bushel x3, Strawberry Bushel x4 and Orange Basket x1.


Charge Shards Quests RewardCrystal Static Generator, 2 Floaty Spore, 250 xp, 4000 coins, 210 gp


Celestial Pastures Chapter 4 Quests 4: FarmVille Brax Point


Ask friends for 9 Space Ball Paddles (request for )

Harvest 70 Milky Strawberries (skip 10)
Info: 8 hours to grow and harvest.

Master Slimed Chicken to 1 Star (skip 20)
Info: Must be harvested 5 times to achieve level 1 star Mastery.


Brax Point Quests RewardSloog Tree, 2 Celestial Crystals, 300 xp, 4500 coins, 220 gp


Celestial Pastures Chapter 4 Quests 5: FarmVille Bend It Like Brax-am


Ask friends for 10 Brax Beach Towels (request for )

Harvest 85 Sun Dipped Pepper (skip 10)
Info: 20 hours to grow and harvest.

Craft 1 Space Jam Jelly (skip 15)
Info: You can craft Space Jam Jelly in the Crystal Cottage and it will need Ruzzberries Bushel x3, Milky Strawberries x3 and Space Dust Sugar Cane x3.


Bend It Like Brax-am Quests RewardPink Fwuzzy Cow, 2 Astro Saplings, 350 xp, 5000 coins, 230 gp


Celestial Pastures Chapter 4 Quests 6: FarmVille We Don’t Need No Bop Control


Ask friends for 12 Guardian Flowers (request for )

Harvest 100 Dazzlers (skip 10)
Info: 2 days to grow and harvest.

Harvest Space Orchard (skip 20)


We Don't Need No Bop Control Quests Reward1 Flower Stead Pegacorn, 2 Floaty Spore, 400 xp, 5500 coins, 240 gp


Crops timeline:

8 hrs + 12 hrs + 24 hrs + 8 hrs + 20 hrs + 48 hrs = 120 hrs

Total number of hours in a week = 168 hrs

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