FarmVille Celestial Pastures 5: Imposter Boys Quests

Brax and Zosma continue their investigation in FarmVille Imposter Boys, a FarmVille Celestial Pastures Chapter 5 Quests. Their investigation of the slime monster they called Sloog continues. They found several signs of unique power it posses and at one instance they saw how the Sloog copy the form of Brax.

On this Celestial Pastures quests, there are several crafting tasks and one of them is a Big Red Button and it is crafted in the FarmVille Craftshop. Cuddly Sweater will require some crafted materials so it will better if the materials that will be used will be prepared ahead. There is also an animal mastery and a 2 day crop. Note: There is a chance that this FarmVille quest requirements or numbers may still change prior or while the quest is ongoing. Release date is Monday, July 8.


FarmVille Celestial Pastures 5 Quests


Celestial Pastures Chapter 5 Quests 1: FarmVille Tyrannosaurus Brax


Ask friends for 7 Itty Bitty Kitty Litters (request for )

Harvest 80 White Dwarf Sunflower (skip 10)
Info: 1 day to grow and harvest.

Harvest Space Guardian 2 Times (skip 20)




Tyrannosaurus Brax Quest Reward1 Night Sky Panther, 2 Floaty Spore, 150 xp, 250 cp, 3000 coins


Celestial Pastures Chapter 5 Quests 2: FarmVille Out Standing in His Field


Ask friends for 8 Force Field Projectors (request for )

Harvest 115 Turni Carrot (skip 10)
Info: 16 hours to grow and harvest.

Harvest Night Sky Panther 2 Times (skip 15)
Tip: Place and harvest the Night Sky Panther in the Zoo.


Out Standing in His Field Quest Reward1 Saturn Rings Tree, 2 Celestial Crystals, 200 xp, 260 cp, 3500 coins


Celestial Pastures Chapter 5 Quests 3: FarmVille To See Inside


Ask friends for 9 D.O.G. Scans (request for )

Harvest 135 Pod Peas (skip 10)
Info: 12 hours to grow and harvest.

Make 1 Cuddly Sweater in the Yarn Barn (skip 15)


To See Inside Quest RewardSunrise Shiba, 2 Astro Saplings, 250 xp, 270 cp, 4000 coins


Celestial Pastures Chapter 5 Quests 4: FarmVille Midnight Trap


Ask friends for 9 Trap-O-Matics (request for )

Harvest 160 Thuck Wheat (skip 10)
Info: 12 hours to grow and harvest.

Master Night Sky Panther to 1 Star (skip 20)
Info: Must be harvested 5 times to achieved level 1 star Mastery.


Midnight Trap Quest RewardHover Pig, 2 Floaty Spore, 300 xp, 280 cp, 4500 coins


Celestial Pastures Chapter 5 Quests 5: FarmVille Ride ’em Cow-Brax!


Ask friends for 10 Laser Lassos (request for )

Harvest 190 Violet Vein Spinach (skip 10)
Info: 14 hours to grow and harvest.

Make 1 Rock n Ramen (skip 15)
Info: Crafted in a level 2 Crystal Cottage and it will need Thuck Wheat Bushel x3, Pod Peas Bushel x3 and Turni Carrot Bushel x3.


Ride 'em Cow-Brax Quest RewardKrabby Pegasus, 2 Celestial Crystals, 350 xp, 290 cp, 5000 coins


Celestial Pastures Chapter 5 Quests 6: FarmVille Net Losses


Ask friends for 12 Nanofiber Nets (request for )

Harvest 225 Dazzlers (skip 10)
Info: 2 days to grow and harvest.

Make 2 Big Red Buttons (skip 15)
Info: Crafted in the Craftshop and it will need Violet Vein Spinach Bushel x3, Sorghum Bushel x2 and Cherry Basket x1.


Net Losses Quest RewardNet Gnome, 2 Astro Saplings, 400 xp, 300 cp, 5500 coins


Crops Timeline:
24 hrs – 16 hrs – 12 hrs – 12 hrs – 14 hrs – 48 hrs = 126 hours
Total number of hours for a week = 168 hours

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