Stargazer Countdown in Farmville


On the next FarmVille Countdown Feature, the Stargazer Countdown will release featuring astrology items will be making it’s way and players can win this set items just by playing and doing the daily tasks for the feature. The daily tasks will be mostly collecting the required amount of stamps to redeem the prize of the day. There are a total of 17 items that players can possibly get.


FarmVille Stargazer Countdown 2013



Prizes for the Star Gazer Countdown:



The Sirius Dog



Constellation Crab



Telescope Tree



Star Pond



 Gemini Gnomes



Lepus Hare



Astronomist Horse



Phoenix Wall Scroll



Cygnus Swan



Observatory Tree



Stargazer Pig



Altair Eagle



Pavo Peacock






Mini Meteor Tree



Star Rider Unicorn



Cassiopeia Queen Pegacorn

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