Carnival Countdown 2014 in FarmVille Feature


Collect all the supply for the FarmVille Carnival Countdown 2014 and win rewards. It’s a brand new edition of the Countdown Feature  in FarmVile and this time we will have Mardi Gras theme items to be given as a reward once we collected all the supplies for the Carnival. There are a total of 16 items to be given away and players will have the option to replay and win again if it case they completed it early.

 FarmVille Mardi Gras Countdown 2014



gapfiller Royal Purple Lab

Royal Purple Lab


gapfiller Jester Panda

Jester Panda


gapfiller Margi Grasette

Margi Grasette


gapfiller Party Mardi Tree

Party Mardi Tree


gapfiller Masquarade Bobtail

Masquarade Bobtail


gapfiller Merpegacorn Fountain

Merpegacorn Fountain


gapfiller Quarter Frenchie

Quarter Frenchie


gapfiller Carnival Deer

Carnival Deer


gapfiller Doubloon Palm Tree

Doubloon Palm Tree


gapfiller Mask Tail Peacock

Mask Tail Peacock


gapfiller Knight Parade Float

Knight Parade Float


gapfiller Pink Masque Pegasus

Pink Masque Pegasus


gapfiller Bourbon St Jazz Club

Bourbon St Jazz Club


gapfiller Fairy Rex Horse

Fairy Rex Horse


gapfiller Black and Gold Sheep

Black and Gold Sheep


gapfiller Beaded Pine Tree

Beaded Pine Tree


Parade Queen Pegacorn

Parade Queen Pegacorn

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