Earth Day Gift Special 2013 in FarmVille Countdown


A new FarmVille Countdown feature will be coming our way this week with FarmVille’s Earth Day Gift Special 2013. All players have to do is collect the stamp of the day and once collected enough stamp it can then be redeem for the prize which corresponds the stamp collected. Each day there will be different stamps to collect and prizes to be won. This feature can be repeated if a players completed all the tasks early.


Here are the rewards for the Earth Day Gift Special:


Earth Day Tortoise



Seal With Globe



Earth Print Zebra



Globe Tree



Grass Covered Hut



Turbo Charger



Recycled Cardboard Tree



Recycled Can Tree



Recycled Bottle Tree



Earth Day Sheep



Earth Pattern Horse






Recycling Elephant



Solar Bear



Globe Hat Pug



Recycled Art Wall

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