FarmVille Autumn Forest


Collect a great set of trees in this new FarmVille Autumn Forest feature. Ask friends for help and collect the necessary items in order to win in this new feature. Each stage will have a different storyline and item to collect. Players will be visiting the autumn forest several times during it’s duration and most or all of the prizes will be trees so this will be a great item to add in your collection of seasonal trees.


Autumn Forest Stages:


Autumn Forest Items that will be collected:


FarmVille Autumn Forest Prizes:

American Larch Tree, American Linden Tree and American Sycamore Tree

Black Oak Tree, Eastern Cottonwood Tree and Sycamore Maple Tree

White Enkianthus Tree, Japanese Stewartia Tree and Lacebark Elm Tree

Persian Parrotia Tree, Rock Elm Tree and Smooth Sumac Tree

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