Flowers 2014 in FarmVille Countdown Feature


Collect stamps for your Flowers collection! in FarmVille newest Countdown feature Flowers 2014. Ask your friends for the stamp of the day and it will run for 16 days to redeem great prizes. Each day there will be new item to collect and new item to be won. The Flower 2014 Countdown will start May 20 until June 9, 2014.

FarmVille Flowers 2014

Stamps and Rewards:

Buttercup Cub

gapfiller Buttercup Cub


Gerber Daisy Pig

gapfiller Gerber Daisy Pig


Aster Chicken

gapfiller Aster Chicken


Eucalyptus Blossom Tree

gapfiller Eucalyptus Blossom Tree


Alyssum Horse

gapfiller Alyssum Horse


Flower Dress Gnome

gapfiller Flower Dress Gnome


Yellow Snowflake Sheep

gapfiller Yellow Snowflake Sheep


Rocket Pincushioned Dog

gapfiller Rocket Pincushioned Dog


Chrysanthemum Peacock

gapfiller Chrysanthemum Peacock


Dahlia Tailed Rooster

gapfiller Dahlia Tailed Rooster


Sunshine Cow

gapfiller Sunshine Cow


Fringed Gentian Duck

gapfiller Fringed Gentian Duck


Gentle Fuchsia Fountain

gapfiller Gentle Fuchsia Fountain


Sinuatus Unicorn

gapfiller Sinuatus Unicorn


Peony Ram

gapfiller Peony Ram


Blossoming Lotus Cottage

gapfiller Blossoming Lotus Cottage


Peacock Orchid Pegacorn

gapfiller Peacock Orchid Pegacorn

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