Mother’s Day 2014 in FarmVille Countdown Feature


Coming up next in FarmVille Countdown feature is the Mother’s Day Special 2014. Win cool rewards just by finding all the stamps for your Mother’s Day Collection. To get these stamps you will just simply ask your friends or help them. Get more daily prizes and another one with your friends’ help. A total of 16 prizes will be given away.


 Mother's Day Countdown

FarmVille Moter's Day 2014



gapfiller Surprise Gift Puppy
Surprise Gift Puppy



gapfiller Momma Butterfly
Momma Butterfly



gapfiller Fancy Flower Cart
Fancy Flower Cart



gapfiller Kid’s Craft Tree
Kid’s Craft Tree



gapfiller Motherly Hen
Motherly Hen



gapfiller Mother Nature Gnome
Mother Nature Gnome



gapfiller Mommy Kangaroo
Mommy Kangaroo



gapfiller Assorted Roses Horse
Assorted Roses Horse



gapfiller Magic Mother’s Jar Tree
Magic Mother’s Jar Tree



gapfiller Motherly Goose Pond
 Motherly Goose Pond



gapfiller Momma Bear
Momma Bear



gapfiller Mother’s Cradle Deer
Mother’s Cradle Deer



gapfiller  Motherly Goose Pond
Motherly Goose Pond



gapfiller Flower Mother Unicorn
Flower Mother Unicorn



gapfiller Loving Mother Elephant
Loving Mother Elephant



gapfiller Mother’s Bouquet Tree
Mother’s Bouquet Tree


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