Rainbow Countdown 2013 in FarmVille Feature (Coming Soon)


A new version of FarmVille Rainbow Countdown is coming our way and ready for release next. The new Rainbow Countdown prizes will be different from last year. It will feature new set of trees, animals and decorations for players to have. In order to get these items items, players must collect the item of the day or stamps that corresponds the prize. Once the FarmVille players collected and meet the required number it can now be redeem for the corresponding prize.




 Prizes for this edition of Rainbow Countdown 2013:


Rainbow Rooster



Rainbow Flamingo



Rainbow Splatter Tree



Rainbow Drop Geyser



Rainbow Disguise Chameleon



Rainbow Paint Gnome


Rainbow Spotted Cow



Rainbow Striped Zebra



Rainbow Rush Tree



Rainbow Tiger Stamp



Rainbow Drip Cats



Rainbow Flying Pig



Rainbow Ribbon Unicorn


Rainbow Dotted Dalmatian



Rainbow Snowcone Tree


Rainbow Gem Horse


Bonus Prize:

Rainbow Fairy Pegacorn

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