St Patrick’s Day Celebrations 2014 in FarmVille Countdown


FarmVille will have new countdown feature this March as they are set to release the St Patrick’s Day Celebrations 2014. All you have to do is to ask your friends for St Paddy’s items. Everyday there will be new items and rewards to be awarded. Collect all 16 prizes and get a special bonus prize for free! Here are the list of rewards that will be given:

 St Patrick's Day 2014




Celtic Badger



gapfiller Irish Clover Tree
Irish Clover Tree



gapfiller Celtic Hare
Celtic Hare



gapfiller Celtic Stone
Celtic Stone



gapfiller Green Waterfall
Green Waterfall



gapfiller Irish Fairy Gnome
Irish Fairy Gnome



gapfiller Irish Tree of Life
Irish Tree of Life



gapfiller Rustic Irish Pub House
Rustic Irish Pub House



gapfiller Cetic Monument
Celtic Monument



gapfiller Celtic Fox
Celtic Fox



gapfiller Celtic Stallion
Celtic Stallion



gapfiller Legendary Celtic Phoenix
Legendary Celtic Phoenix



gapfiller Celtic Dream Deer
Celtic Dream Deer



gapfiller Celtic Wolf Hound
Celtic Wolf Hound



gapfiller Irish Harp Tree
Irish Harp Tree



gapfiller  Shamrock Sheep
Shamrock Sheep



gapfiller Celtic Pegacorn
Celtic Pegacorn


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