Street Dancer in FarmVille Countdown

Street Dancer is the newest theme for the FarmVille Countdown feature which is coming this September. Win up to 16 new exclusive items plus a bonus reward of Orange Parade Pegacorn. To win, you’ll just need to collect the item of the day. Ask your friends for help. Helping a friend will also give you additional stamps. Once you collected and meet the required amount of stamps, you’ll receive the reward of the day.


  • Collect stamps for the Street Dancer.
  • Ask your friends for 16 days of stamps to redeem great prizes.
  • Helping a friend will also gives you additional stamps.
  • Collect all 16 again and get BONUS PRIZE of Venetian Stallion.


Here’s a look at the REWARDS and the STAMPS:

Samba Feathers Tree Ballet Dancer Tree


Disco Dance Tree Classic Indian Dancer


Lily Khatak Dancers Street Dancer Bunnies


Golden Ballerina Fountain Bling Dance Stage


Fancy Dancy Fox Hip Hop Bobby Pig


Parade Artist Chicken Tribal Dance Duck


Funny Dancer Goat Sassy Salsa Kangaroo


Fancy Ballet Cow Artistic Dancer Deer


Orange Parade Pegacorn

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