Summer Celebration 2013 in FarmVille Countdown


Collect all these reasons to win the prizes in the new FarmVille Countdown the Summer Celebration 2013. Players will collect all 16 and if they do they will earn another item a “bonus prize”. The prizes for this version of the Countdown will be all about summer. If you are collecting items with relation to summer these items will be a cool additions to it. Here at the prizes for this feature:



Prizes for the Summer Celebration 2013 feature:


Decor Duck



Hotfoot Hippo



Sparkler Tree



Party Game



Fetti Cow



4th Fountain



Ribbon Horse



Fireworks Unicorn



FarmVille Tree



Party Rhino



Boogiedown Dragon



Party Hat Fruit Bat



Sparkler Pegasus



FarmVille Dire Wolf



Coming Attraction Tree



Patriotic Pegacorn


Bonus Prize:


Celebration Dragicorn

Decor Duck

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