Sweet Delights 2013 in FarmVille Countdown


A new countdown feature is upon us with FarmVille Sweet Delights Countdown. Collect all the Sweet Delights requirements in order to win the prize of the day. There are a 16 type of stamps to collect plus there’s a bonus prize! The theme for this FarmVille countdown will feature sweet baby animal items, decorations and trees.




Prizes to be won:

1. Rock Candy Turtle


2. Sweet Tea Pomeranian


3. Pinata Pine Tree


4. Cookie Jar Cub


5. Marshmallow Bunny


6. Sweet n Sour Gnomes


7. Lollipop Elephant


8. Gummy Baby Octi


9. Pastry Tree


10. Pouch-Packed Joey


11. Frosting Baby Monkey


12. Pink Cotton Piglet


13. Pastry Chef Unicorn


14. Ice Cream Eater


15. Strawberry Malt Panda


16. Candy Jar Tree


17. Chocolatier Pegacorn

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