Ugly Sweater 2013 Countdown Feature


Warm yourself up in the new version of FarmVille Ugly Sweater Countdown feature where players will have a chance to win rewards each day just by collecting the items of the day. Everyday there will be different rewards to be won. Collectors and starting collectors may add this Sweater Theme Collections to their stash of rare items.



Here are the prizes that you can win in FarmVille Ugly Sweater countdown:

Ugly Sweater Bulldog


Cyan Sweater Bunny
Green Sweater Cow
Ugly Sweater Cat
Red Sweater Chicken
Christmas Dragon
Ugly Sweater Duck
Ugly Sweater Gnome
Green Yarn Tree
Ugly Sweater Brumby
Plaid Sweater Pig
Sweater Pegacorn
Pink Sweater Penguin
Red Yarn Tree
Blue Sweater Sheep
Yarn Bonsai
Flannel Unicorn

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