Witch Stew Countdown 2012


Find all the magical ingredients to concoct your FarmVille Witch’s Stew and get daily prizes by doing so on this new FarmVille Countdown Feature. This feature will run for 16 days and each day there will be different prizes that can be won just by asking or collecting items or on this case ingredients for your Witch Stew.

The FarmVille Witch Stew Countdown is the same with the previous one. This can also be repeated once you finished it ahead of time. By the way if you want to breeze through it you’ll need to spend fv cash to unlock the next stage, or if you don’t mind waiting just wait for the next stage to be unlocked.



16 Days of Daily Prizes:

Hemlock Bloom

 Black Hollyhock Bloom

Purple Aster

Bubbling Cauldron

Deadly Nightshade Tree

Indigo Dragon

Enchanted Yew Tree

Albino Gator

Bronze Griffin

Bewitched Black Mare

Luristan Newt

Pixie Tree

Sandalwood Tree

Flying Sherbet Sheep

Ash Unicorn

Witch Gnome

Pure Heart Pegacorn

Note: This feature is currently unreleased. Image, text and mechanics may still change prior to release.

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