Craftshop is one of the several FarmVille crafting building that was introduced in 2011. This building can craft items that can be use in your farm either for decorations or farming equipments and goods. The recipe in the craftshop needs some farm products (eg. Milk Jug from Cow Pasture, Manure Bag from Pig Pen, Apple Wood Basket from harvesting Apple Tree, Wool Bundles from Sheep Pen, Cheery Basket from harvesting Cherry Tree) and bushels in order to create the item. You can collect bushels from harvesting certain crops. Crafting more items will let you gain mastery star and you can reach up to 10 star mastery. Achieving certain mastery star level let’s you unlock more crafting recipes.

You can purchased a Craftshop at the market for 0 coins. You don’t need materials to finish it. You can already craft items once you place it in your farm. However it require materials in order to upgrade it. It can be upgraded up to stage 6. Each upgrade will open up additional one station so you can craft another items simultaneously. You can ask your friends for help to speed up the crafting process.

You will need the following materials to upgrade you Craftshop. Head to our Materials Gift Link page if you’ll need to ask your friends for these materials.

Items that can be crafted in Craftshop:


Farmhands Yellow Racer Tractor Stone Wall Fertilize All
Cotton Bushels x4 Manure Bag x4 Wool Bundles x5 Manure Bag x2
Soybeans Bushels x3 Coffee Bushels x10 Manure Bag x4 Carrot x4
Cherry Basket x1 Pepper Bushels x6 Milk Jug x3 Chickpea x3
Dainity Fence Shovel Set Watering Can Iron Fence
Apple Wood x2 Jalapenos Bushels x3 Maple Syrup Basket x1 Apple Wood Basket x2
Morning Glory Bushels x4 Double Grain Bushels x3 Lilac Bushels x2 Foxglove Bushels x4
Red Tulips Bushels x3 Lemon Basket x1 Peanut Bushels x2 Golden Poppies x3
Arborists Lamp Post Animal Feed Vehicle Part
Peanut Bushels x3 Cherry Basket x2 Walnut Basket x1 Tomatoes Bushel x3
Morning Glory Bushels x4 Coffee Bushels x4 Sunflower Bushels x2 Aloe Vera Bushels x3
Orange Baskets x2 Peanut Bushels x2 Barley Bushels x2 Cherry Basket x1
Swiss Cabin Stone Archway Milking Stool Scythe
Apple Wood Basket x4 Walnut Basket x2 Milk Jug x1 Wool Bundles x1
Black Tea x10 Sunflower Bushels x3 Cornflower Bushels x2 Rye Bundles x1
Spring Squill x6 Tomatoes Bushels x4 Rice Bushels x2 Spinach Bundles x2
Horse Sculpture Beach Ball Brick Wooden Board
Jalapenos Bushels x4 Tomato Bushels x2 Rice Bushel x1 Cotton Bushel x1
Manure Bag x2 Cranberries Bushels x2 Rhubarb Bushel x1 Peanut Bushel x1
Pink Asters Bushels x3 Grapes Bushels x1 Manure Bag x1 Apple Wood Basket x1
Nail Lucky Penny Fuel Bottle
Morning Glory Bushels x2 Leeks Bushels x2 Wheat Bushels x2 Aloe Vera Bushels x3
Pattypan Squash Bushel x1 Chickpea Bushels x1 Soybean Bushels x2 Field Beans x2
Wool Bundles x2 Milk Jug x2
Love Potion English Postcard Pine Fence I Pine Fence II
Strawberry Bushels x2 Lilac Bushel x1 Cranberries Bushels x4 Jalapenos Bushels x4
Tomatoes Bushels x4 Leeks Bushels x2 Cotton Bushels x3 Spinach Bushels x3
Chery Basket x2 Orange Baskets x2 Maple Syrup Basket x2
Modern Table Puppy Kibble Dog Treat Moat I
Lilac Bushels x8 Milk Jug x1 Maple Syrup Basket x1 Cherry Basket x4
Rhubarb Bushels x5 Rice Bushels x2 Grape Bushels x2 Soybean Bushels x2
Lemon Basket x2 Red Currant Bushels x2 Black Tea Bushels x3
Moat II Moat III Moat IV Moat Corner I
Orange Basket x4 Lemon Basket x4 Cherry Basket x4 Orange Baskets x4
Pink Asters Bushels x2 Radish Bushels x2 Grapes Bushels x2 Red Tulips Bushels x2
Tomatoes Bushels x3 Morning Glory Bushels x3 Spring Squill Bushels x3 Hops Bushels x3
Moat Corner II Moat Corner III Moat Corner IV Castle Bridge
Lemon Basket x4 Maple Syrup Basket x4 Walnut Basket x4 Wool Bundles x4
Peanuts Bushels x2 Pattypan Squash Bushels x2 Leeks Bushels x2 Spinach Bushels x2
English Peas Bushels x3 Barley Bushels x3 Bluebells Bushels x3 Field Beans Bushels x3
Bright Yellow Tractor Mechanic Scarecrow Sheep Topiary Apple Red Seeder
Clam Bushels x4 Hay Bushels x3 Tarragon Bushels x4 Seafood Bushels x4
Tarragon Bushels x10 Apple Wood Basket x3 Wool Bundles x2 Dill Bushels x10
Elderberry Bushels x6 Wheat Bushels x4 Green Tea Bushels x5 Onion Bushels x6
Bonsai Tree House Apple Red Harvester Post Office
Kennebec Potato Bushels x3 Lady Slipper Bushels x4 Lobster Bushels x4 Cove Cranberry Bushels x10
Cherry Basket x2 Apple Wood Basket x2 Daylilies Bushels x10 Apple Wood Basket x4
Basil Bushels x4 Chandler Blueberry Bushels x4 Spinach Bushels x6 Cauliflower Bushels x6
Evergreen Train Magic Snowflake Ice Pig Sculpture Ice Horse Sculpture
Red Clover Bushels x10 Mint Candy Bushel x1 Wheat Bushels x2 Cranberry Bushels x3
Apple Wood Basket x4 Sugar Cane Bushels x2 Lilac Bushels x2 Cotton Bushels x2
Hay Bushels x6 Green Tea Bushels x3 Peanut Bushels x3 Spinach Bushels x3

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