Dairy Crafting in Farmville Feature


Craft your way to save the town’s local dairy which was destroyed and they need your help to fulfill outstanding orders. The FarmVille Dairy Craft will be on a slow roll out so some players may not have this feature yet. This feature will also offers exclusive prizes but in order to win this prizes you must complete some or all orders.


To start, because this is on a slow roll out there’s a chance when you enter the game a pop up message will appear and tell you about this new feature. You will then have the chance to place the new FarmVille Dairy. No need to worry for parts because this is already build.

Now after placing the FarmVille Dairy, click on it and you will see the following:

  • Order Board: Here you will see the current order from the local towns people. Just click on the picture to see that characters order. To fulfill it’s order just craft the order in the Dairy and you will earn prizes like coins everytime an order is completed.


  • Raw materials: As you level up in the Dairy Craft you’ll be unlocking more raw materials to be used in your crafting. There are a total of 5. The first station will be the Milk Station. Then as players level progresses and so the recipe’s and list of ingredients will expand.

 Milk Station harvest for Milk Part

Culture Station harvest for Culture Part

Banana harvest for Banana Part

Strawberry harvest for Strawberry Part

Cocoa harvest for Cocoa Part

Vanilla harvest for Vanilla Part


  • Crafting Machines: players will be starting with the Butter Churn Machine then will unlock several more as their level progresses. As of now there are a total of 6 Crafting Machine and they are: Butter Churn, Creamer, Cheese Ager, Milk Shake Machine, Flavor Station, and Freezer.
  • Butter Churn: creates Butter



  • Creamer: creates Cream, Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, and Kefir.



  • Cheese Ager: creates Swiss Cheese, Brie, Cheddar Cheese, Mozarella



  • Milk Shake: creates Banana Milkshake, Strawberry Milkshake, Chocolate Milkshake, Vanilla Milkshake



  • Flavor Station: creates Banana Yogurt, Strawberry Cottage Cheese, Chocolate Kefir, Vanilla Kefir



  • Freezer: creates Chocolate Gelato, Vanilla Gelato, Chocolate Ice Cream, Strawberry Ice Cream



The Barn and Silo:

Both are already attached to the Dairy. These two will hold your raw materials and ingredients and can be upgraded to increase it’s capacity.

The following materials will be needed to upgrade it:

For Silo: Ice Blocks, Thermometer, Milk Bottles

For Barn: Dairy Shelves, Ice Cream Scooper, Cheese Cloth


The Prizes:

Once a player completes an order a corresponding reward is given. You can see what reward an order will give in the bottom left-hand corner of the window.

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