FarmVille Blackjack Barn Guide


In the new farm Horseman’s Hollow, it will have a new crafting building called the FarmVille Blackjack Barn. This will be the building where we need to craft items to unlock exclusive items.

Three things to describe this building, first, there will be a resource stations where it will produce the materials that will be used for crafting, a production station where the main crafting will be done a recipes where it will show what we need to craft in order to unlock an item.

 Blackjack Barn Guide



Quick Menu:


Expand Silo (Fleece Closet)

Grape Wine BarrelCartonBucket

Grape Wine Barrel x8, Carton x8 and Bucket x8


Grape Wine BarrelNightly Stick Seed BushelCycads BushelPalm Plant Bushels

Grape Wine Barrel = Nightly Stick Seed x4, Cycads x3 and Palm Plant x3

CartonFat Bulb Onion BushelAutumn Cabbage BushelYellow Jasmine Bushel

Carton = Fat Bulb Onion x3, Autumn Cabbage x4 and Yellow Jasmine x3

BucketPurple Geniola BushelWild Justle BushelCycads Bushel

Bucket = Purple Geniola x4, Wild Justle x2 and Cycads x4



Expand Stockroom (Craft Closet)

Hay StackMini ForkWagon

Hay Stack x8, Mini Fork x8 and Wagon x8


Hay StackGlowing Mushroom BushelCycads BushelPira Pira Bushel

Hay Stack =  Glowing Mushroom x1, Cycads x4 and Pira Pira x3

Mini ForkAutumn Cabbage BushelPrickly Potato BushelPurple Geniola Bushel

Mini Fork = Autumn Cabbage x3, Prickly Potato x4 and Purple Geniola x2

WagonPurple Geniola BushelProtea BushelWild Justle Bushel

Wagon = Purple Geniola x4, Protea x4 and Wild Justlex2


Leaf BasketAutumn Leaf

Leaf Basket

  • Produces: Autumn Leaf
  • Time: every 2 min

Barn Fruit TreeBarn Fruit

Barn Fruit Tree

  • Produces: Barn Fruit
  • Time: every 3 min

Mischief PumpWater Pot

Mischief Pump

  • Produces: Water Pot
  • Time: every 3 min

Pump WheelSponges (Pulp Wheel)

Pump Wheel

  • Produces: Sponges
  • Time: 3 min

Wood CartWooden Branch

Wood Cart

  • Produces: Wooden Branch
  • Time: 5 min

Coin CollectorCurry Comb

Coin Collector

  • Produces: Curry Comb
  • Time: 5 min

Ore DenOre Stone

Ore Den

  • Produces: Ore Stone
  • Time: 7 min




Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine

Wrist BandAutumn Leaf

Wrist Band = Autumn Leaf x2

  • Time: 2 min


Colored HandbagAutumn LeafWrist Band

Colored Handbag = Autumn Leaf x2 and Wrist Band x1

  • Time: 2 min


Luxury Braid BagAutumn LeafSponges

Luxury Braid Bag = Autumn Leaf x2 and Sponges x1

  • Time: 2 min

Spin Manure

Spin Manure

Sprout SeedBarn Fruit

Sprout Seed = Barn Fruit x2

  • Time: 5 min

Cup SeedsBarn FruitAutumn Leaf

Cup Seeds = Barn Fruit x2 and Autumn Leaf x2

  • Time: 5 min

Seed CapsuleBarn FruitSprout Seed

Seed Capsule = Barn Fruit x3 and Sprout Seed x1

  • Time: 5 min

Seeded Egg ShellBarn FruitCup SeedsSeed Capsule

Seeded Egg Shell = Barn Fruit x1, Cup Seeds x1 and Seed Capsule x1

  • Time: 5 min

Hallowed Fountain

Hallowed Fountain

Fountain CoinsWater Pot

Fountain Coins = Water Pot x3

  • Time: 10 min

Hallow Water FlaskWater PotAutumn Leaf

Hallow Water Flask = Water Pot x2 and Autumn Leaf x2

  • Time: 10 min

Vintage BottleWater PotLuxury Braid Bag

Vintage Bottle = Water Pot x3 and Luxury Braid Bag x1

  • Time: 10 min

Water DishWater PotHallow Water FlaskSponges

Water Dish = Water Pot x2, Hallow Water Flask x1 and Sponges x1

  • Time: 30 min

Silver Water FlaskWater PotCurry Comb

Silver Water Flask = Water Pot x2 and Curry Comb x1

  • Time: 30 min

Water Powered Mill

Water Powered Mill

Carded CottonSponges

Carded Cotton = Sponges x3

  • Time = 4 hrs

Packed FlourSpongesWater PotWater Dish

Packed Flour = Sponges x2, Water Pot x1 and Water Dish x1

  • Time: 4 hrs

Ore BrickSpongesLuxury Braid Bag

Ore Brick = Sponges x2 and Luxury Braid Bag x1

  • Time: 4 hrs

Carriage WheelSpongesPacked Flour

Carriage Wheel = Sponges x3 and Packed Flour x1

  • Time: 4 hrs

Refined PowderSpongesOre BrickWooden Branch

Refined Powder = Sponges x3, Ore Brick x1 and Wooden Branch x1

  • Time: 4 hrs

Marble PoleCarded CottonVintage BottlePacked Flour

Marble Pole = Carded Cotton x2, Vintage Bottle x1 and Packed Flour x1

  • Time: 4 hrs


Farrier's Friend

Farrier’s Friend

Nail SpikeOre Stone

Nail Spike = Ore Stone x1

  • Time: 10 hrs

Gear RigOre StoneWooden Branch

Gear Rig = Ore Stone x1 and Wooden Branch x2

  • Time: 10 hrs

Horse ShoeOre StoneFountain Coins

Horse Shoe = Ore Stone x2 and Fountain Coins x1

  • Time: 10 hrs

Bridle HookOre StoneNail SpikeHead Stall

Bridle Hook = Ore Stone x2, Nail Spike x2 and Head Stall x1

  • Time: 10 hrs

Pitch ForkOre StoneWooden BranchGear Rig

Pitch Fork = Ore Stone x3, Wooden Branch x3 and Gear Rig x2

  • Time: 10 hrs

Metal ChestOre StoneRolled HayPine Needle Basket

Metal Chest = Ore Stone x4, Rolled Hay x2 and Pine Needle Basket x1

  • Time: 10 hrs




Reed BasketWooden Branch

Reed Basket = Wooden Branch x2

  • Time: 6 hrs

Pine Needle BasketWooden Branch

Pine Needle Basket = Wooden Branch x3

  • Time: 6 hrs

Weaved ClothesWooden BranchSponges

Weaved Clothes = Wooden Branch x2, Sponges x1

  • Time: 6 hrs

Weaved BeltWooden BranchCurry Comb

Weaved Belt = Wooden Branch x3 and Curry Comb x1

  • Time: 6 hrs

Head StallWooden BranchSponges

Head Stall = Wooden Branch x3, Sponges x3

  • Time: 6 hrs

GirthWooden BranchCarded Cotton

Girth = Wooden Branch x3 and Carded Cotton x1

  • Time: 6 hrs


Hay Maker

Hay Maker

Cube HayCurry Comb

Cube Hay = Curry Comb x3

  • Time: 2 hours

Rolled HayCurry CombWrist BandSeeded Egg Shell

Rolled Hay = Curry Combx2, Wrist Band x1 and Seeded Egg Shell x1

  • Time: 2 hours

Wheel WagonCurry CombCube HayRolled Hay

Wheel Wagon = Curry Comb x2, Cube Hay x1 and Rolled Hay x1

  • Time: 2 hours

Straw HouseCurry CombHorse ShoeRefined Powder

Straw House = Curry Comb x3, Horse Shoe x1 and Refined Powder x1

  • Time: 2 hours






Cerberus the GreatBarn FruitWrist BandSeed Capsule

Cerberus the Great =

  • Barn Fruit x2, Wrist Band x2 and Seed Capsule x1


All Hallow TortoiseAutumn LeafColored HandbagCup SeedsWater PotBarn FruitFountain Coins

All Hallow Tortoise =

  • Autumn Leaf x1, Colored Handbag x1, Cup Seeds x1
  • Water Pot x1, Sprout Seed x2, Fountain Coins x1


Witch Doctors OwlSpongesSeeded Egg ShellLuxury Braid BagWater PotWater DishSilver Water Flask

Witch Doctors Owl =

  • Sponges x2, Seeded Egg Shell x1, Luxury Braid Bag x1
  • Water Pot x1, Water Dish x1, Silver Water Flask x1


HedgemonkBarn FruitSeed CapsuleAutumn LeafSprout SeedFountain CoinsWater PotSpongesColored HandbagPacked Flour

Hedgemonk =

  • Barn Fruit x1, Seed Capsule x1, Autumn Leaf x1
  • Sprout Seed x1, Fountain Coins x1, Water Pot x1
  • Sponges x1, Colored Handbag x1, Packed Flour x1


Trick or Treat HorseSprout SeedColored HandbagSeeded Egg ShellBarn FruitVintage BottleWater DishHallow Water FlaskSilver Water FlaskCarriage Wheel

Trick or Treat Horse =

  • Sprout Seed x1, Colored Handbag x1, Seeded Egg Shell x1
  • Barn Fruit x1, Vintage Bottle x1, Water Dish x1
  • Hallow Water Flask x1, Silver Water Flask x1, Carriage Wheel x1


Persian Vampire CatAutumn LeafRefined PowderCup SeedsHead StallHallow Water FlaskGirth

Persian Vampire Cat =

  • Autumn Leaf x2, Refined Powder x1, Cup Seeds x1
  • Head Stall x1, Hallow Water Flask x2, Girth x1


Chariot PandaSpongesOre BrickSeeded Egg ShellCurry CombHallow Water FlaskCarriage WheelWrist BandMarble PolePacked Flour

Chariot Panda =

  • Sponges x1, Ore Brick x1, Seeded Egg Shell x1
  • Curry Comb x1, Hallow Water Flask x1, Carriage Wheel x1
  • Wrist Band x1, Marble Pole x1, Packed Flour x1


Ghostly Stray PupSilver Water FlaskMetal ChestSeed CapsulePacked FlourOre BrickHead StallCup SeedsFountain CoinsRefined Powder

Ghostly Stray Pup =

  • Silver Water Flask x1, Metal Chest x1, Seed Capsule x1
  • Packed Flour x1, Ore Brick x1, Head Stall x1
  • Cup Seeds x1, Fountain Coins x1, Refined Powder x1


Dire WolfCurry CombColored HandbagFountain CoinsWooden BranchRefined PowderGear RigPine Needle BasketRolled HayHorse Shoe

Dire Wolf =

  • Curry Comb x1, Colored Handbag x1, Fountain Coins x1
  • Wooden Branch x1, Refined Powder x1, Gear Rig x1
  • Pine Needle Basket x1, Rolled Hay x1, Horse Shoe x1


Hollow Dice DragonSpongesSeeded Egg ShellBridle HookWater DishMarble PoleRolled HayHallow Water FlaskSilver Water FlaskNail Spike

Hollow Dice Dragon =

  • Sponges x3, Seeded Egg Shell x2, Bridle Hook x1
  • Water Dish x1, Marble Pole x1, Rolled Hay x1
  • Hallow Water Flask x1, Silver Water Flask x1, Nail Spike x1


Tainted Blood DragonAutumn LeafSeed CapsuleVintage BottleBarn FruitLuxury Braid BagPacked FlourSpongesOre BrickStraw House

Tainted Blood Dragon =

  • Autumn Leaf x3, Seed Capsule x3, Vintage Bottle x2
  • Barn Fruit x3, Luxury Braid Bag x3, Packed Flour x1
  • Sponges x1, Ore Brick x1, Straw House x1


Black Hawk PonyColored HandbagWeaved ClothesWeaved BeltOre StoneCarded CottonReed BasketCup SeedsPine Needle BasketWheel Wagon

Black Hawk Pony =

  • Colored Handbag x2, Weaved Clothes x2, Weaved Belt x1
  • Ore Stone x3, Carded Cotton x2, Reed Basket x1
  • Cup Seeds x2, Pine Needle Basket x1, Wheel Wagon x1


Autumn Fairy PonyFountain CoinsSilver Water FlaskCube HayMarble PoleGirthOre BrickHorse ShoeHead StallPitch Fork

Autumn Fairy Pony =

  • Fountain Coins x6, Silver Water Flask x6, Cube Hay x2
  • Marble Pole x1, Girth x1, Ore Brick x1
  • Horse Shoe x1, Head Stall x1, Pitch Fork x1


Magicians PegacornWater PotColored HandbagWeaved BeltSeeded Egg ShellMetal ChestPine Needle BasketWeaved ClothesGear RigWheel Wagon

Magicians Pegacorn =

  • Water Pot x6, Colored Handbag x5, Weaved Belt x2
  • Seeded Egg Shell x2, Metal Chest x1, Pine Needle Basket x3
  • Weaved Clothes x1, Gear Rig x1, Wheel Wagon x1


Insomnium PegacornSeed CapsuleSilver Water FlaskCarriage WheelMarble PolePacked FlourOre BrickWater DishVintage BottleStraw House

Insomnium Pegacorn =

  • Seed Capsule x4, Silver Water Flask x4, Carriage Wheel x3
  • Marble Pole x2, Packed Flour x3, Ore Brick x3
  • Water Dish x3, Vintage Bottle x3, Straw House x1

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