FarmVille Coral Cafe Guide (Atlantis Crafting Shop)


FarmVille Atlantis is almost here! And to prepare for it’s arrival we will be introducing to you the new crafting building for the new farm Atlantis. The crafting building in Atlantis will be called the FarmVille Coral Cafe and it will have an initial of 20 recipes exclusive only for the Coral Cafe. The Coral Cafe will also can be upgraded up to 5 stages and each level reach will allow to unlock the next stage and a new set of recipes.

Level 1 Coral Cafe Recipe:

Shellfish Surprises = Shellfish Bushel x3, Plankton Bushel x3 and Onion Bushel x3

Salt Water Taffies = Ambrosia Bushel x3, Shellfish Bushel x3 and Blueberry Bushel x3

Sea Melon Sorbet = Seawatermelon Bushel x3, Urchinberry Bushel x3 and Sugar Cane Bushel x3

Sea Biscuits = Sea Sponge Bushel x3, Coral Bushel x3 and Wheat Bushel x3

Level 2 Coral Cafe Recipe:

Plankton Smoothies = Plankton Bushel x3, Seaweed Bushel x3 and Strawberry Bushel x4

Lava Nacho = Lava Lotus Bushel x3, Manta Mushroom Bushel x2 and Pepper Bushel x3

Coral Cakes = Coral Bushel x3, Jellyfruit Bushel x3 and Blackberry Bushel x4

Level 3 Coral Cafe Recipe:

Sea Spongecakes = Sea Sponge Bushel x3, Triton Turnip Bushel x3 and Coffee Bushel x3

Jellyfish Jams = Jellyfruit Bushel x3, Seawatermelon Bushel x3 and White Grape Bushel x3

7 Leagues Bean Dips = Manta Mushroom Bushel x3, Bubble Bean Bushel x3 and Rice Bushel x3

Urchinberry Pies = Urchinberry Bushel x3, Sea Sponge Bushel x4 and Grape Bushel x3

Seaweed Souffle = Seaweed Bushel x3, Manta Mushroom Bushel x3 and Rye Bushel x3

Level 4 Coral Cafe Recipe:

Oxy Juice = Bubble Bean Bushel x3, Ambrosia Bushel x3 and Lilac Bushel x4

Triton Turnover = Triton Turnip Bushel x3, Salty Squash Bushel x3 and Rhubarb Bushel x3

Sea Rock Candy = Coral Bushel x4, Aquamarine Rose Bushel x4 and Red Tulip x3

Sea Cucumber Salad = Sea Cucumber Bushel x3, Carrot Gold Bushel x2 and Carrot Bushel x4

Level 5 Coral Cafe Recipe:

Seasickless = Ambrosia Bushel x3, Bubble Bean Bushel x3 and Pineapple Bushel x3

Lava Tart = Aquamarine Rose Bushel x3, Lava Lotus Bushel x3 and Sunflower Bushel x3

Treasure Tot = Pirate Potato Bushel x3, Salty Squash Bushel x3 and Golden Poppy Bushel x3

Iceberg Salad = Sea Cucumber Bushel x3, Carrot Gold Bushel x2 and Mint Candy Bushel x3

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