FarmVille Fairy Forum Recipe Lists


With the release of a new farm FairyTale Fields comes a new crafting building called FarmVille Fairy Forum. This will be it’s main crafting building where new set of recipes exclusive to the farm will be made. Initially there will be a total of 20 recipe which will span in to 5 levels. Each level will then have 4 recipes.

This will give a new challenge to players as there will be a new set of recipes to master. The Fairy Forum building will be available once the FairyTale Fields opens on July 21 for early access and July 28 for general access.

 Fairy Forum Recipe Lists

Fairy Forums Level 1 Recipe


Raspberry Curd Cupcake Purple DianthusBleeding HeartWhite Dianthus
Raspberry Curd Cupcake = Purple Dianthus x3, Bleeding Heart x3 and White Dianthus x3.
Broomster - X2
Broomster – X2 = Sandersonia Flowers x3, Queen Sheba Orchid x3 and Fairy Rhubarbs x3
Skates of Swiftness
Skates of Swiftness = Pixie Mushrooms x3, Sandersonia Flowers x3 and White Squills x3.
Herbal Salve Herbal Salve Bushels
Herbal Salve = White Dianthus x3, White Squills x3 and White Saffron Bushel x3.
Pixie Necklace Pixie Necklace Bushels
Pixie Necklace = Red Jade Vine x3, Bleeding Heart x3 and Purple Dianthus x3



Level 2 Fairy Forum Recipes


Fairy Hat Fairy Hat Bushels
Fairy Hat = Campion x3, Red Jade Vine x3 and Eggplant White x2
Magic Canteen Magic Canteen Bushels
Magic Canteen = White Dianthus x3, Purple Dianthus x3 and Magic Oats x3.
Forest Throne Forest Throne
Forest Throne = Yellow Toadstool x3, Fairy Rhubarbs x3 and White Squills Bushel x3.
Lucky Bracelet Lucky Bracelet Bushels
Lucky Bracelet = Red Jade Vine x3, White Dianthus x3 and Pixie Mushroom x3



Level 3 Fairy Forum Recipes


Kaliedoscope Kaliedoscope Bushels
Kaliedoscope = Eastern Plumeria x3, Queen Sheba Orchid x3 and Rainbow Carrots x3
Maidens Wig Maidens Wig Bushels
Maidens Wig = Red Jade Vine x3, White Dianthus x2 and Blue Pineapples x3
Flower Wings Flower Wings Bushels
Flower Wings = Sky Radish x3, Bleeding Heart x3 and Eggplant Flower Wings x3
Summer Scarf Summer Scarf Bushels
Summer Scarf = Campion x3, Tomato Blues x3 and Egplant White x3



Level 4 Fairy Forum Recipes


Respite Cola Respite Cola Bushels
Respite Cola = Pixie Mushrooms x3, Purple Dianthus x3 and Yellow Toadstool x3
Cream Horns Cream Horns Bushels
Cream Horns = Eggplant White x2, Eastern Plumeria x3 and Rainbow Carrots x3
Garden Tiara Garden Tiara Bushels
Garden Tiara = Magic Oats x3, Blue Pineapples x3 and White Saffron x3
Tome of Treasures Tome of Treasures Bushels
Tome of Treasures = Tomato Blues x3, Pixie Mushrooms x3 and Sky Radish x3



Level 5 Fairy Forum Recipes


Eastern Treasure Chest Eastern Treasure Chest Bushels
Eastern Treasure Chest = Yellow Toadstool x3, Eastern Plumeria x3 and Blue Pineapples x3
Potion of Fervor Potion of Fervor Bushels
Potion of Fervor = Mystical Cantaloupe x2, White Dianthus x3 and Tomato Blues x3
Tiny Gloves Tiny Gloves Bushels
Tiny Gloves = Blue Pineapples x3, Sky Radish Bushel x3 and Mystical Cantaloupe x3
Mystical Thread Spool Mystical Thread Spool Bushels
Mystical Thread Spool = Rainbow Carrots x3, Mystical Cantaloupe x2 and Eastern Plumeria x3


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