FarmVille Pizza Shop Guide


A new crafting building is set to be release. The FarmVille Pizza Shop will have the new pasta and pizza recipe’s and will have a new chain crafting system. It means that some of the recipe that we will crafting can be used in another recipe. It is more like a chain crafting where you need to craft some of the ingredients first in order to craft some of the recipe.

Also we notice that some of the recipe needs longer time to finish crafting. One of the recipe will require 4 days to complete! Anyway here are some of the information we gathered and the recipe list that the Pizza Shop has.



How the Pizza Shop Works:

  • Plant and Harvest Crops to collect Bushels. Get Bushels from your friend\e2\80\99s Market Stalls.
  • You need different kinds of Bushels to make different Ingredients.
  • Combine Bushels and Ingredients to make a Tasty Pizza!
  • When you make any recipe in the Pizza Shop you earn lots of XP and Coins. Keep making Recipes to Master them!


Pizza Shop Recipe List:

Pasta = Durum Wheat Bushel x20


Deep Dish Crust = White Wheat Bushel x20


Flat Crust =  White Wheat Bushel x5, Durum Wheat Bushel x10


Marinara Sauce = Roma Tomato Bushel x10, Yellow Onion Bushel x5, Red Pepper Bushel x5


Pesto Sauce = Genovese Basil Bushel x10, Shallot Bushel x5, Yellow Onion Bushel x5

Mushroom Sauce = Crimini Mushroom Bushel x10, Genovese Basil Bushel x5, Shallot Bushel x10


Spaghetti = Marinara Sauce Bushel x5, Pasta Bushel x5, Sundried Tomato Bushel x25


Cheese Pizza = Marinara Sauce Bushel x4, Deep Dish Crust x4


Pesto Pasta = Pesto Sauce x5, Pasta x5, Green Pepper Bushel x30


Pesto Veggie Pizza = Pesto Sauce x5, Flat Crust x5, Sundried Tomato Bushel x25


Mushroom Pizza = Mushroom Sauce x5, Flat Crust x5, Crimini Mushroom Bushel x10


Veggie Pizza = Mushroom Sauce x5, Deep Dish Crust x5, Sundried Tomato Bushel x30




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