FarmVille Sparkle Cafe Guide (Holiday Lights)


As soon as FarmVille Holiday Lights farm extension opens, we will have a new crafting building called the Sparkle Cafe. There will be new line up of recipe to craft and master. For a start, there will be a total of 20 recipe that will be released. We have listed the recipes here and also include the bushels that it will require:

Sparkle Cafe

Sparkle Cafe Level 1

Level 1 Recipe:

Snowflake SoupSantaberriesBlazing PeppersHollybright Poinsettia

Snowflake Soup = Santaberries Bushel x3, Blazing Peppers Bushel x3 and Hollybright Poinsettia x3


Santaberry Surprise

Santaberry Surprise = Santaberries Bushel  x2, Sugar n’ Sprites Bushel x2 and Rice Bushel x3


Cinnaburst Buns

Cinnaburst Buns = Cinnabursts Bushel x3, Seasonal Spirits Bushel x2 and Carrot Bushel x3


Blazing Pepper Pie

Blazing Pepper Pie = Blazing Peppers Bushel x3, Radiant Radish Bushel x3 and   Sugar Cane Bushel x3


Guided Cherry Cobbler

Guided Cherry Cobbler = Sleigh Guider Cherries Bushel x3, Luminous Ginger Bushel x3 and    Wheat Bushel x3


Sparkle Cafe Level 2

Level 2 Recipe:

Blueberry Cupcake

Blueberry Cupcake = Borealis Blueberries Bushel x3, Auroral Corn Bushel x2 and Strawberry Bushel x2


Radiant Radish Crostini

Radiant Radish Crostini = Radiant Radish Bushel x3,    Shiny Sprouts Bushel x3 and Lilac Bushel x4


Shiny Sprouts Salad

Shiny Sprouts Salad = Shiny Sprouts Bushel x2, Roman Candle Cauliflower Bushel x3 and Rye Bushel x2


Sparkle Cafe Level 3

Level 3 Recipe:

Roman Cauliflower Pasta

Roman Cauliflower Pasta = Roman Candle Cauliflower Bushel x2, Silvery Squash Bushel x3 and Red Tulip Bushel x2


Glazed Snow Peas

Glazed Snow Peas = Hollybright Snow Peas Bushel x2, Auroral Rosemary Bushel x3 and Blackberry Bushel x3


Silvery Squash Rolls

Silvery Squash Rolls = Silvery Squash Bushel x3, Blazing Peppers Bushel x3 and Blueberry Bushel x3


Luminous Ginger Beer

Luminous Ginger Beer = Luminous Ginger Bushel x3, Seasonal Spirits Bushel x3 and Rhubarb Bushel x3


Roasting Chestnut Mix

Roasting Chestnut Mix = Roasting Chestnuts Bushel x2, Candle Light Cranberries Bushel x3 and White Grape Bushel x3


Sparkle Cafe Level 4

Level 4 Recipe:

Aural Kettle Corn

Aural Kettle Corn = Auroral Corn Bushel x3, Sugar n’ Sprites Bushel x3 and Coffee Bushel x3


Cranberry Biscotti

Cranberry Biscotti = Candle Light Cranberries Bushel x3, Cinnabursts Bushel x3 and Grape Bushel x3


Kindle Onion Rings

Kindle Onion Rings = Kindle Onions Bushel x3, Auroral Corn Bushel x3 and Strawberry Bushel x3


Rosemary Red Potatoes

Rosemary Red Potatoes = Auroral Rosemary Bushel x3, Kindle Onions Bushel x2 and Pineapple Bushel x3


Sparkle Cafe Level 5

Level 5 Recipe:

Sugar n' Sprite Cookies

Sugar n’ Sprite Cookies = Sugar n’ Sprites Bushel x3, Borealis Blueberries Bushel x3 and Golden Poppy Bushel x3


Seasonal Spirit

Seasonal Spirit = Seasonal Spirits Bushel x3, Hollybright Poinsettia Bushel x3 and Peppermint Bushel x3


Cinnaburst Chestnuts

Cinnaburst Chestnuts = Cinnabursts Bushel x2, Roasting Chestnuts Bushel x3 and Sunflower Bushel x3


Stuffed Blazing Peppers

Stuffed Blazing Peppers = Blazing Peppers Bushel x2, Kindle Onions Bushel x3 and Pineapple Bushel x2

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