FarmVille Sugar Shack Guide and Recipe List


FarmVille Sweet Acres is coming this week for early access and among the building that we’ll be expecting to see is a new crafting building. In Sweet Acres we will be having the FarmVille Sugar Shack crafting building and it will have a total of 19 initial recipe. Just like the previous crafting building in new farm extension it will start at level 1. Then players will work their way to upgrade it and can be up to level 5. In order to upgrade it players must craft the Sugar Shack recipe and gain experience in order to unlock the next level.

Here the initial recipe list of the FarmVille Sugar Shack (Sweet Acres crafting building).




Sugar Shack Stage 1

Level 1 Recipe:

Sprinkle Splosions = Sprinkle Strawberry Bushel x4, Sugarbell Bushel x3 and Rice Bushel x2

Impossible Vanilla Fudge = Sugar Rose Bushel x3, Long Stem Cupcake Bushel x3 and Carrot Bushel x3

Angel’s Halos = Lotus Mint Bushel x3, Sweet Tea Cups x3 and Sugar Cane Bushel x3

Whoopie Pie = Whoopie Thistle Bushel x3, Sugar Rose Bushel x3 and Wheat Bushel x2


Sugar Shack Stage 2

Level 2 Recipe:

Stunning English Trifle = Sugarbell Bushel x4, Candy Jasmine Bushel x2 and Strawberry Bushel x3

Toasted Cream Magic = Marsh Melon Bushel x2, Lollipop Twist Bushel x2 and Lilac Bushel x3

Gummy Bear Pudding = Gummy Bud Bushel x2, Sweet Tea Cups x5 and Rye Bushel x3


Sugar Shack Stage 3

Level 3 Recipe:

Mini Baked Alaskas = Gumball Poppy Bushel x1, Drop Lemons Bushel x4 and Red Tulip Bushel x3

Cherry Chocolates = Cookie Petals Bushel x3, Gummy Bud Bushel x3 and Blackberry Bushel x3

Lollidrop Cake = Drop Lemons Bushel x4, Gumdrop Daisy Bushel x3 and Blueberry Bushel x3

Chocolate Chip Pancakes = Candy Jasmine Bushel x3, Jellyanthemum Bushel x3 and Rhubarb Bushel x3


Sugar Shack Stage 4

Level 4 Recipe:

Berry Meringue Secret = Gumdrop Daisy Bushel x3, Sweet Tea Cups x3 and White Grape Bushel x3

Smores = Marsh Melon Bushel x3, Whoopie Thistle Bushel x4 and Grape Bushel x3

Frosted Jelly Doodles = Sugar Rose Bushel x3, Snapjelly Bushel x2 and Strawberry Bushel x3

Amazing Mocha Shake = Whoopie Thistle Bushel x3, Lollipop Twist Bushel x3 and Coffee Bushel x3


Sugar Shack Stage 5

Level 5 Recipe:

Taffylicious Pie = Marsh Melon Bushel x5, Candy Jasmine Bushel x3 and Pineapple Bushel x3

Buttercream Bliss = Butterscotch Blossom Bushel x2, Jellyanthemum Bushel x3 and Golden Poppy Bushel x3

Funfetti Cake = Gumball Poppy Bushel x4, Snapjelly Bushel x4 and Green Peppermints Bushel x3

Licorice Mocha Cream = Drop Lemons Bushel x4, Licorice Vine Bushel x2 and Sunflower x3

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