Jade Falls Tea Garden Recipe Guide


Upon the release of FarmVille Jade Falls, it will also have a new crafting building called the Tea Garden. It will have a group of new crafting recipe to make and master. These new recipes will require bushels that can be gathered by harvesting Jade Falls exclusive crops like the Sticky Rice, Jade Bamboo etc. The Tea House Garden also gains level. At Star level 1, the Tea Garden will have 3 recipes available for players to craft and several others need to be unlocked. To unlock this you must gain experience by crafting the current available recipe and also it can gain experience if your neighbors bought some of your finished recipe product. Here are the list of Tea Gardens recipe:

Level 1-Star Tea Garden Crafting Recipe

Recipe Required Bushels
Takoyaki Unagi x3 Squid x1 Wheat x2
Hamachi Maki Hamachi x1 Nori x2 Rice x3
Milk Tea White Cloud Tea x3
Azuki x3
Green Tea x3
Pho Soup Jade Bamboo x3 Sichuan Pepper x3 Jalapeno x3

Mastery Level Counts: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50


Level 2-Star Tea Garden Crafting Recipe

Recipe Required Bushels
Moon Cake Baby Corn x2 Chinese Cotton x3 Sugar Cane x3
Bao Chinese Daikon x2 Grouper x3 Ginger x3
Chow Mein Jade Bamboo x3 Sticky Rice x1 Basil x3
Egg Roll Edamame x1 Azuki x3 Wheat x3

Mastery Level Counts: 13, 23, 33, 43, 53


Level 3-Star Tea Garden Crafting Recipe

Recipe Required Bushels
Fried Rice Scallops x3 Sticky Rice x2 Soybean x2
Bibimbap Sticky Rice x1 Sichuan Peppers x3 Peppers x2
Ikura Nigiri Squid x1 Wasabi x2 Rice x3
Oolong Tea Imperial Tea x2 Lotus x2 Green Tea x3

Mastery Level Counts: 16, 26, 36, 46, 56


Level 4-Star Tea Garden Crafting Recipe Guide

Recipe Required Bushels
Hot & Sour Eggplant Prawns x2 Bok Choy x3 Egg Plant x1
Kimchi Jade Peanut x1 Wasabi x2 Cabbage x1
Thai Tea Imperial Tea x3 Lowland Ginger x3 Green Tea x3

Mastery Level Counts: 19, 29, 39, 49, 59


Level 5-Star Tea Garden Crafting Recipe

Recipe Required Bushels
Congee Millet x1 Prawns x2 Wheat x3
Egg Tart Lotus x2 Azuki x3 Rye x2
Portuguese Rice Bok Choy x3 Chinese Daikon x2 Rice x3
Vietnamese Coffee
Sesame x2 Jade Bamboo x2 Coffee x3

Mastery Level Counts: 22, 32, 42, 52, 62



How many recipe’s do i need to craft to gain Tea House level?

You can see how many recipe’s you still need to level up to gain Tea House level at the top right side of the Tea House Menu.


How many times do i need to craft a recipe in order to level it up?

You can check how many more you need to make by hovering the mouse pointer in the “Star” icon beside it’s picture.

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