Spa Recipe Guide in FarmVille


FarmVille Spa is one of the several crafting buildings that was released by FarmVille to give use of the bushels that players can get when harvesting their crops. Since it’s released the number of it’s recipe was since then increased. There are some recipes that requires variety of bushels that can be obtain from different farm locations. Here are the recipe list:

Level 1 Spa Recipe:

Marigold Soap = Orange Marigold x3, Yellow Marigold x3 and Aloe Vera x1

Marigold Lotion = Yellow Marigold x3, Flax x3 and Raspberry x1

Begonia Sachet = Begonia x3, Lentils x3 and Morning Glory x1

Fresh Sachet = Pumpkin x3, Cranberry x3 and Sunflower x1

Floral Perfume = Blueberry x4 and Morning Glory x4

Soothing Herbal Lotions = Aloe Vera x4 and Green Tea x4

Zinfandel Sachet = Zinfandel x2, Green Tea x3 and Lilac x3

Daylily Perfume = Daylily x3, Sunflower x2 and Lilac x3

Gingerbread Candles = Ginger Bread x3, Green Tea x3 and Gladiolus x3

Seaweed Soap = Kelp x2, Green Tea x3 and Aloe Vera x4

Harvest Candle = White Pumpkin x5 and Lilac x3

Green Potpourri = Green Rose x3 and Morning Glory x3

Wooden Boards = Morning Glory x4, Lilac x5, Sunflower x3

Carnation Perfume = Pink Carnation x2 and Sunflower x2

Rose Flame Candle = Electric Rose x2, Pumpkin x3 and Iris x2

Snowflake Soap = Holly x2, Aloe Vera x3 and Lilac x2


Level 2 Spa Recipe:

Dill Candle = Dill x3, Peppers x3 and Green Tea x2

Relaxation Oil = Blackberry x4 and Morning Glory x4

Devotion Perfume = Blueberry x3, Lilac x3 and Basil x2

Petal Sachet = Iris x1, Sunflower x2 and Peppers x1

Mint Lotion = Mint Candy x2, Aloe Vera x3 and Lilac x3

Flower Lei = Double Pikake x3, Daffodil x1 and Lily x2


Level 3 Spa Recipe:

Dreamy Scented Oil = Lavender x1, Pink Rose x1 and Raspberry x5

Energizing Lotion = Red Tulip x1, Aloe Vera x3 and Blackberry x3

Restoring Candle = Green Tea x4, Ghost Chili x2 and Sunflower x1

Lily of the Valley Soap = Lilies x1, Blueberry x3 and Morning Glory x3

Lily Bath Bombs = Lilies x4, Mint x4 and Columbine x4


Level 4 Spa Recipe:

Rejuvenating Mask = Cucumber x4, Pumpkin x4 and Green Tea x4

Iris Soap = Iris x2, Aloe Vera x3 and Sunflower x1

Fresh Breeze Candles = Lemon Balm x3, Green Tea x3 and Ginger x2

Pick Me Up Sachet = Lemon Balm x3, Coffee x2 and Basil x3


Level 5 Spa Recipe:

Calming Bodywash = Lemon Balm x6, Mint x6 and Aloe Vera x6

Farmer’s Frenzy = Ginger x2, Lavender x1, Lilac x2, and Purple Poppy x2

Daffodil Lotion = Daffodil x1, Aloe Vera x2, Strawberry x2 and Lilies x1

Transcendent Candle = Pink Rose x1, Daffodil x1, Lilac x2 and Morning Glory x2

Aged Spice Cologne = Coffee x6, Pepper x6 and Lemon Balm x6

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