Sweet Shoppe Guide


Sweet Shoppe is one of the Crafting Building in FarmVille. The building is readily available in game once you reach lvl 25 and can travel to the farm extension the Winter Wonderland. You can collect certain bushels from harvesting crops planted in the Winter Wonderland and you can use these bushels to craft items in the Sweet Shoppe on which later can be traded.

Each recipe has a maximum level 0f 100 and by crafting an item 2 times it’ll gain 1 level. By leveling up the recipe at a certain stage you’ll have the unlock options to upgrade the building. The Sweet Shoppe can be upgraded up to stage 5. Each upgrade will make the building more impressively looking and unlocks more recipe to craft.

Recipes that can be crafted in the Sweet Shoppe:


Star 1
Ingredients Product
Gummi Bear Bushel x2 Candied Yam Bushel x3 Wheat Bushel x3 Candied Apple
Gingerbread Bushel x3 Iced Rice Bushel x3 Sunflower Bushel x2 Ginger S’more
2 Star
Ingredients Product
Candied Yam Bushel x3 Glacial Rose Bushel x1 Cranberry Bushel x2 Candied Yam Pie
Holly Bushel x2 Red Iceberry Bushel x3 Chickpea Bushel x2 Holly Wreath
Iced Rice Bushel x3 Gingerbread Bushel x2 Peanut Bushel x2 Peanut Brittle
Mint Candy Bushel x2 Candied Yam Bushel x3 Coffee Bushel x2 Peppermint Fudge
3 Star
Ingredients Product
Mint Candy Bushel x2 Iceberg Lettuce x2 Pumpkin Bushel x3 Candy Cane
Snow tulip Bushel x2 Frozen Grapes Bushel x2 Blueberry Bushel x3 Lollipop
Snow Tulip Bushel x2 Holly Bushel x2 Sugar Cane x2 Rock Candy
4 Star
Ingredients Product
Ginger Bread Bushel x2 Gummi Bear Bushel x2 Coffee Bushel x2 Gingerbread House
Iceberg Lettuce Bushel x3 Carrotcicle Bushel x3 Pattypan Bushel x2 Healthy Donut
Red Iceberry Bushel x2 Frozen Grapes Bushel x2 Rye Bushel x2 Frozen Fruit Tart
5 Star
Ingredients Product
Carrotcicle Bushel x2 Gummi Bear Bushel x2 Sugar Cane Bushel x2 Orange Taffy
Iced Rice Bushel x2 Snow Tulip Bushel x2 Black Berry Bushel x3 Ice Cream Sundae
Red Iceberry Bushel x3 Iceberg Lettuce Bushel x3 Leek Bushel x2 Sorbet



Q. Is harvesting a crop the only way to get the Bushels?

A. No, you can actually get Bushels from your neighbors. Just click the Get Bushel button along side the recipe you want to craft onĀ  the My Sweet Shoppe window, then you will see if available whose neighbors has the Bushels you need. You can get up to 3 Bushels from one neighbor.


Q. How can i craft more recipe?

A. You need to level your Sweet Shoppe in order to unlock more recipes. For example, you can have and craft the Frozen Fruit Tart recipe if you have a 4 Star Sweet Shoppe. Just craft the lower level recipe to gain levels. You can see how many more recipe you need to level up for coin upgrade in the top right side of the My Sweet Shoppe window just above the “Buy Upgrade” button.

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