Tiki Bar Guide


FarmVille Hawaii Paradise will have a new Tiki Bar crafting shop. You can craft items at the Tiki Bar which in turn you can exchange for fuel. Crafting recipe items will require bushels. You can get bushels from harvesting specific crops. You can also get bushels from your neighbors. Just click the “Get Bushels” from the Tiki Bar recipe list and you will see whose neighbor offering the bushels you’ll need. You can gain experience and level up everytime you meet the required number of crafting a recipe. You can upgrade your Tiki Bar up to level 5 to unlock more recipe’s to craft.


Level Mastery:

Level 1 Recipe Mastery: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50

Level 2 Recipe Mastery: 13, 23, 33, 43, 53

Level 3 Recipe Mastery: 16, 26, 36, 46, 56

Level 4 Recipe Mastery: 19, 29, 39, 49, 59

Level 5 Recipe Mastery: 22, 32, 42, 52, 62


Here is a recipe guide for the Tiki Bar:


Level 1 Recipe
Ingredients Product
Taro Bushels x9 Poi
Yellowfin Tuna Bushels x1 Yellow Hibiscus Bushels x4 Chick Pea Bushels x2 Inamona
Kelp Bushels x1 Oyster Bushels x2 Spinach x2 Seaweed Soup


Level 2 Recipe
Ingredients Product
Hilo Pineapple Bushels x3 Double Pikake x2 Strawberry x3 Pineapple Sunrise
Shrimp Bushels x1 Yams Bushels x3 Sugar Cane Bushels x3 Sweet and Sour Shrimp
Lilikoi Bushels x2 Golden Sugar Cane Bushels x2 White Grapes Bushels x3 Shaved Ice


Level 3 Recipe
Ingredients Product
Mussels Bushels x2 Hawaiian Ginger Bushel x1 Peppers Bushel x2 Mussels Poke Salad
Kona Coffee Bushel x3 Golden Sugar Cane Bushel x2 Coffee Bushel x3 Coffee and Cream
Yellow Hibiscus Bushel x3 Lilikoi Bushels x2 Blueberry Bushels x3 Plantation Iced Tea


Level 4 Recipe
Ingredients Product
Hilo Pineapple Bushel x3 Mussel Bushel x2 Leek Bushel x2 Pineapple Hash
Hawaiian Ginger Bushel x1 Ono Bushel x1 Rice Bushel x1 Island Fried Rice
Double Pikake bushel x2 Kona Coffee Bushel x3 Jalapeno Bushel x3 Island Punch


Level 5 Recipe
Ingredients Product
Shrimp Bushel x1 Ono Bushel x1 Carrots Bushel x3 Shrimp Salad
Yellowfin Tuna Bushel x1 Taro Bushel x3 Tomato Bushel x3 Hawaiian Kabobs
Yam Bushel x3 Kelp Bushel x2 Onion Bushel x3 Yam Fries


Bushels that are available in Hawaii Paradise:


Yam Bushels, Taro Bushels, Shrimp Bushels, Rock Crab Bushels, Oyster Bed Bushels and Ono Bushels



Mussel Bushels, Lilikoi Bushels, Kona Coffee Bushels, Kelp Bushels, Hilo Pineapple Bushels and Hawaiian Orchid Bushels



Golden Sugar Cane Bushels, Hawaiian Ginger Bushels and Yellow Hibiscus Bushels

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