FarmVille Beat Enchanted Glen


Time again to win one of the most wanted item in FarmVille, a Shipping License in FarmVille Beat Enchanted Glen. Players can now start working on this challenge as FarmVille decided to release this early. One of the tasks will be mastering all twelve Enchanted Glen crops and also creating the highest level animal in the Enchantment Shop. Here are the rest of the guide to help you out with the challenge.

Beat Enchanted Glen Quest 1:

– Get The Highest Level Animal In The Enchantment Shop

The highest level animal in the Enchantment Shop would be the Steam Unicorn. It will require 6 White Pixie Dust, 8 Yellow Pixie Dust, 6 Green Pixie Dust, 10 Blue Pixie Dust, 8 Orange Pixie Dust.

Tip: the easiest way to get your desired Pixie Dust color is to built one Enchantment Shop for each color. For example, the Rainbow Snail produces Green Pixie Dust so might want to place it exclusive to it’s own Enchantment Shop to get Green Pixie Dust 100% everytime you harvest it. You can see here the list of animals that produces the different colors of Pixie Dust.



4000 Fairy Points


Beat Enchanted Glen Quest 2:

– Master all 12 Enchanted Glen crops

Ambrosia Tulip, Boggart Bulb, Butterfly Rose, Dark Dahlia

Dream Cotton, Elfin Tea, Fairy Foxglove, Goblin Vine

Gossamer Ivy, Honeymelon, Nectarkin, Pixiebery


1 Turbo Pack



Beat Enchanted Glen Quest 3:

– Reach level 9 in Home Mushroom


1 Insta Grow


Beat Enchanted Glen Quest 4:

– Reach Level 5 in Fairy Kitchen crafting cottage


2000 Fairy Points


Bonus Prize:

Enchanted Glen Trophy


Enchanted Glen Shipping License

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