FarmVille Enchanted Glen 9: Help Sola Fix up the Throne Room


Looks like we gonna have a wedding in FarmVille help Sola fix up the throne room, a new FarmVille Enchanted Glen Quests Chapter 9. Nix and Lucus maybe deciding to take a step further on taking their relationship to the next level on this chapter of Enchanted Glen.

This special new Enchanted Glen Quests will be different from the previous ones for this will run for 30 days. Yup players will have 30 days to complete all 12 stage. But one of the good part here is there is no asking for friends type task which sometimes hampers the players progress on finishing a stage because of lack of neighbors to help. The rewards may we say is pretty cool compared to the rewards of the previous 30 day quest release. If you collected the Enchanted Glen Gnome Characters there is some reward here that will make your EG character gnome complete. Note: This maybe release March 7 or later. Some info or quest requirements may change prior or during the quests.

Enchanted Glen 9 Quests 1: FarmVille Throne Room Woes!


Harvest 100 Mercury Melon (skip 10)

Harvest 100 Elfin Tea (skip 15)

Harvest Bell Bird
Info: You can purchase the Bell Bird at the Market for 14,000 coins. Place and harvest the Bell Bird in an Aviary.


Throne Room Woes Quest RewardFairy Trumpeteers, 125 xp, 2500 coins


Enchanted Glen 9 Quests 2: FarmVille Shaping Up!


Harvest 100 Bugleweed (skip 10)

Harvest 100 Gossamer Ivy (skip 10)

Make 10 Midsummer Teas (skip 15)


Shaping Up Quest RewardFairy Ring Tree, 150 xp, 3000 coins


Enchanted Glen 9 Quests 3: FarmVille Spring Cleaning Stables!


Harvest Enchanted Glen Horse Paddock 2 Times (skip 20)

Harvest 200 Dream Cotton (skip 10)

Raise Midsummer Tea to Level 6 (skip 20)


Spring Cleaning Stables Quest RewardFairy Queen Throne, 175 xp, 3500 coins


Enchanted Glen 9 Quests 4: FarmVille Mint Proposal!


Harvest 200 Peppermint (skip 10)

Harvest 150 Butterfly Roses (skip 10)

Make 10 Rose Cakes (skip 15)


Corgi Ringbearer, 200 xp, 4000 coins


Enchanted Glen 9 Quests 5: FarmVille Fairy Bells!


Harvest 200 Nectarkin (skip 10)

Harvest 200 Dark Dahlia (skip 10)

Make 8 Honey Creams (skip 15)


Fairy Bells Quest RewardFairy Groomsman, 225 xp, 4500 coins


Enchanted Glen 9 Quests 6: FarmVille Preparations


Harvest Enchanted Glen Aviary 2 Times (skip 20)

Harvest 200 Fairy Foxglove (skip 10)

Raise Rose Cakes to level 6 (skip 15)


Preparations Quest Reward1 Mystery Dart, 250 xp, 5000 coins



Enchanted Glen 9 Quests 7: FarmVille Decorating the Enchanted Glen


Harvest 200 Pineapples (skip 10)

Harvest 200 Boggart Bulb (skip 10)

Harvest Corgi Ring Bearer 3 Times (skip 20)
Tip: Place and harvest the Corgi Ring Bearer in a Pet Run. (1 day harvest)


Decorating the Enchanted Glen Quest RewardWedding Candle Tree, 275 xp, 5500 coins


Enchanted Glen 9 Quests 8: FarmVille Wedding Bells are Ringing


Harvest 200 Butterfly Roses (skip 10)

Harvest 200 Honey Melons (skip 10)

Make 8 Boggart Breads (skip 15)


Wedding Bells are Ringing Quest RewardWedding Carriage, 300 xp, 6000 coins


Enchanted Glen 9 Quests 9: FarmVille Last Minute Checks!


Harvest Enchanted Glen Livestock Pen 2 Times (skip 15)

Harvest 200 Nectarkin (skip 10)

Make 10 Ambrosia (skip 10)


Last Minute Checks Quest RewardFairy Bridesmaid, 325 xp, 6500 coins


Enchanted Glen 9 Quests 10: FarmVille Beginning the Festivities


Harvest 200 Pink Roses (skip 10)

Harvest 200 Fairyscotch Candies (skip 10)

Make 10 Pixieberry Crumpets (skip 15)


Beginning the Festivities Quest RewardNix Pegacorn, 350 xp, 7000 coins


Enchanted Glen 9 Quests 11: FarmVille The Wedding Ceremony


Harvest 300 Elfin Tea (skip 10)

Harvest 300 Dark Dahlia (skip 10)

Raise Honey Creams to Level 4 (skip 20)


The Wedding Ceremony Quest RewardLucus Bull, 375 xp, 7500 coins


Enchanted Glen 9 Quests 12: FarmVille Tying the Knot


Harvest 200 Gossamer Ivy (skip 10)

Harvest 100 Boggart Bulbs (skip 10)

Make 12 Fairy Wedding Cakes (skip 15)


Tying the Knot Quest Reward1 Nix and Lucus, 400 xp, 8000 coins

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