FarmVille Enchanted Glen Farm (First Look)


A new farm extension FarmVille Enchanted Glen will be released soon! And we have some of the early pictures for you to see on what we may expect on the new farm. There’s seems to be a new set of characters who will join us the missions that we will be doing in this new FarmVille farm. There is also a new crafting shop and new designed pens. From the looks of this early images and pictures, the main theme of this new farm extension will be about fairies and gnomes. Here are some of the pics but we will post more in the coming days.



New Group of NPC’s:


New Crafting Shop:


Buildable Mushroom Home:


River Mist Fortress:


New Gnome Garden:


Enchantment Shop:


New Set of Farm Vehicles:


New Pet Run:


New Cow Pasture:


New Horse Paddock:

New Livestock Pen:


New Aviary:


New Wildlife Pen:


New Zoo:


New Orchard:

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