FarmVille Enchanted Glen Walkthrough Help Guide


Excited to travel to new FarmVille Enchanted Glen farm extension? we had and we have several images to show to you guys on what to expect on the new farm extension. We’ve been receiving words that this maybe the better farm issued so far because of the graphics and concept. Let us walk you through the Enchanted Glen for a little while with:


This pictures shows what actually players will have when they arrived for the first time in Enchanted Glen farm. You will notice the 2 upgradable building the River Fortress and the Home Mushroom. The plowable plots as you can see may reach the water and players can also actually plow the water surface. So far we haven’t planted any in the water surface because there’s no available seeds in the market yet.

As we can see, the water surface can be plowed and looks like we gonna have some water crops in Enchanted Glen. Initial size of plowable area may reach to 100 plots.


The Home Mushroom is one of the upgradable main building that players will be having in Enchanted Glen. This building can be upgraded up to stage 10. Players can also harvest this building for random rewards. The Magic Maple and the Fairy Dust parts are the one’s that you ask request directly to your friends (easiest way) and neighbors while the Rain Drop parts will be the one that will be posted (hard way) everytime you’ll request for it.


The Rivermist Fortress is one of the two upgradable main building in Enchanted Glen. It can be upgrade up to stage 6. The Rivermist Fortress can also be harvested for random items. The Mithril Ore and Star Rock parts will be the easiest to collect since it can be directly requested to your friends and neighbors. The Warpstone will be the one which will be posted every time you request for it and wait for friends to click it on your post or wall.


The Glen Gnome Garden will be a new Gnome storage building in Enchanted Glen. Gnome collectors will surely be excited with this building for this one can be upgraded up to several stages and each upgrade made will improve it looks. Plus not only it looks but also the number of capacity of Gnome it can hold. Finishing or upgrading the Glen Gnome Garden will also require the same parts as the old Gnome Garden like the Toadstool, Tiny Window and Garden Fence. You can also get these parts by opening Special Delivery Boxes.

This is the previous Gnome Garden building release.



This will be the Escapade Building in Enchanted Glen where several tasks will be issued by clicking it. The first tasks we did was titled “Ready for Rain”.


The Troll Treasures of Enchanted Glen, your initial farm will be cluttered with these guys and you will need parts or vials of sunlight to clear these guys. We find it difficult to clear this time because even the items or parts you’ll be needing to clear this even the smallest one must be asked not directly but posting it to your friends to click. Unlike the previous farms where you can ask directly with your friends for parts.

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