FarmVille Beat Fairytale Fields Quests


Complete all this challenge and win a FairyTale Fields Shipping License. This is the FarmVille Beat FairyTale Fields where you will need to complete all 4 tasks. Beside the shipping license you can also receive Unwithers and Instagrow plus a Beat the Fairytale Fields Trophy.


Beat fairyTale Fields Quests

Beat Fairy Tale Fields


Beat FairyTale Fields Quests 1:


Finish building your Hill Castle

  • Hill Castle is located at the far right of the FairyTale Fields farm. (You have to move the screen to see this building)

Hill Castle


2000 FairyTale Points



Beat fairyTale Fields Quests 2:


Master the following Fairytale Crops to Level 3

FairyTale Fields Crops

  • Mystical Cantaloupe
  • Queen Sheba Orchid
  • Sandersonia Flowers
  • Bleeding Heart
  • Purple Dianthus
  • White Dianthus
  • Red Jade Vine
  • Campion
  • Fairy Rhubarbs
  • White Saffron
  • Pixie Mushrooms
  • Eastern Plumeria
  • Eggplant White
  • Magic Oats
  • Sky Radish
  • Yellow Toadstool
  • Rainbow Carrots
  • Blue Pineapples
  • Tomato Blues
  • White Squills
  • Red Rye


2 Instagrow



Beat FairyTale Fields Quests 3:


Complete all animals in Magic Garden!

Magic Garden Animals

  • Steady Tortoise
  • Red Granny Wolf
  • Little Pig Tom
  • Little Pig Bob
  • Little Pig Harry
  • Honey Bear
  • Quick Brown Rabbit
  • Prized Chicken
  • Jadefire Gazelle
  • Hover Sheep
  • Moon Horn Deer
  • Tamed Fairy Pegasus
  • White Mountain Lion
  • FairyTale Pegacorn
  • Magic Dust Pegcorn


5 Unwither



Beat FairyTale Fields Quests 4:


Have a 5 Star Fairy Forum!

Fairy Forum


4000 FairyTale Points



Bonus Rewards for completing all 4 challenge:

Beat FairyTale Fields Trophy

Beat FairyTale Fields Trophy


FairyTale Fields Shipping License


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