FarmVille FairyTale Fields Trees and Decorations


Next week (July 21, 2014), a new farm will be opened in FarmVille and it will be the FairyTale Fields. Players will have a chance to work on anew farm which is designed after a fairy tale story theme.

This post will show the new set of tress and decorations that will be introduced in the new farm FairyTale Fields. Some of this items maybe given as a reward for opening a treasure box or when we gain level.


Decorations and Trees


Tree of Shelter filler Of Pearls Tree
Tree of Shelter Of Pearls Tree
Night Mushroom Tree filler Magic Wand Tree
Night Mushroom Tree Magic Wand Tree
Pompom Tree filler Starry Night Tree
Pompom Tree Starry Night Tree
Story Book Tree filler Sweet Memory Tree
Story Book Tree Sweet Memory Tree
Time Travelling Tree filler Twilight Tree
Time Travelling Tree Twilight Tree
Wizard Hat Tree filler Enchanted Tree
Wizard Hat Tree Enchanted Tree
Fairy Berry Tree filler Fairy Fruit Tree
Fairy Berry Tree Fairy Fruit Tree
Fairyland Hide Out Tree filler Fantasy Fairy Tree
Fairyland Hide Out Tree Fantasy Fairy Tree
Fairy Wings Tree filler Fairy Maple Tree
Fairy Wings Tree Fairy Maple Tree
Fairy Lights Tree filler Green Cotton Candy Tree
Fairy Lights Tree Green Cotton Candy Tree
Lost Shoe Tree filler Magic Carpet Tree
Lost Shoe Tree Magic Carpet Tree




Magic Garden filler House Of Fairies
Magic Garden House Of Fairies
Gremlin Works filler Fairyland Tree House
Gremlin Works Fairyland Tree House
Fairyland Stall Market filler Fairy Hut
Fairyland Stall Market Fairy Hut
Fairy Apartments filler Sand Castle
Fairy Apartments Sand Castle
Rainbow Light House filler Pumpkin House
Rainbow Light House Pumpkin House
Nomad Wagon filler Flower Post
Nomad Wagon Flower Post
Mermaid Hovel filler Fairy Land Cage
Mermaid Hovel Fairy Land Cage
Seashell Fountain filler Well Well
Seashell Fountain Well Well
Fairy Perch filler Amazing Birdhoues
Fairy Perch Amazing Birdhoues


More news and guide about FairyTale Fields.

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