Farm Equinox Sale in FarmVille Farm Stand Feature


Here’s a chance for you to become one of FarmVille’s top sellers and win exclusive rewards. FarmVille Farm Equinox Sale is the new vesion of the Farm Stand feature. In this feature, all you have to do is sell goods, win prizes, and have the best party favors in FarmVille! There are a total of 16 items to be won plus a chance to be the the top five seller in the whole of FarmVille.

 FarmVille Equinox Farm Stand

 FarmVille Equinox Farm Stand


How it works:

  • Ask friends to help you sell your goods! Helping a friend gives you both a sale!
  • New prizes are available every 24 hours! Earn a sales boost for each prize you win!
  • Each item you sell counts toward your total! Compete against all farmers for the top spots!
  • Win a top spot and earn awesome prizes! Earn an exclusive trophy and fame!


Daily Prizes:


 Day 1  Day 2
Sunshine Rooster  gapfiller Stag Bunny
Sunshine Rooster Stag Bunny



Day 3 Day 4
Green Beard Tree gapfiller  Sun Raven
Green Beard Tree Sun Raven



Day 5 Day 6
Moonicorn Cow gapfiller Elfin Portal Tree
Moonicorn Cow Elfin Portal Tree



Day 7 Day 8
Elf of Spring gapfiller Fall Spring Tree
Elf of Spring  Fall Spring Tree



Day 9 Day 10
 Star Owl gapfiller Stagicorn
Star Owl Stagicorn



Day 11 Day 12
  Spring Leaf Lamb gapfiller Sun Badger
Spring Leaf Lamb Sun Badger



Day 13 Day 14
Dragon Egg gapfiller Sol Stag
Dragon Egg


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