Spring Farm Sale in FarmVille Farm Stand


A new FarmVille Farm Stand feature is ready for release this March. The Spring Farm Sale 2014 will be the next theme of the Farm Stand feature and it will a have a spring the item collection to be given as a reward. Just like the previous Farm Stand, to win you just need to ask your friends to help you sell your goods. Beside the items there’s also a chance you will receive a trophy if you become one of the top five seller. This feature feature is expected to roll out this coming April.


Spring Farm Sale 2014


How this works:

  • Ask friends to help you sell your goods! Helping a friend gives you both a sale!
  • New prizes are available every 24 hours! Earn a sales boost for each prize you win!
  • Each item you sell counts toward your total! Compete against all farmers for the top spots!
  • Win a top spot and earn awesome prizes! Earn an exclusive trophy and fame!


Day 1: Prize Kunekune Pig

Prize Kunekune Pig


Day 2: Prize Shetland Pony

Prize Shetland Pony


Day 3: Cherry Pie Tree

Cherry Pie Tree


Day 4: Prize Rooster

Prize Rooster


Day 5: Chilly Pegacorn

Chilly Pegacorn


Day 6: Star Silver Fox

Star Silver Fox


Day 7: Rainbow Swan

Rainbow Swan


Day 8: Red Tail Falcon

Red Tail Falcon


Day 9: Peacorn



Day 10:

Starlight Deer


Day 11: Spring Maypole Tree

Spring Maypole Tree


Day 12: Baby Ocelot

Baby Ocelot


Day 13: Prize Red Bull

Prize Red Bull


Day 14:

Freening Pegacorn

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