Tango Festival in FarmVille Farmstand


FarmVille Tango Festival is the latest theme in our Farmstand feature. Win exclusive rewards in this new edition of FarmVille Farmstand by making the daily sale. Ask your friends for help in selling the item of the day. The Tango Festival Farmstand will start on September 26th.



  • Ask friends to help you sell your goods! Helping a friend gives you both a sale!
  • New prizes are available every 24 hours! Earn a sales boost for each prize you win!
  • Each item you sell counts toward your total! Compete against all farmers for the top spots!
  • Tango Festival Farmstand is placed off your farm; Zoom out to see the farmstands on each of your farms and your progress can be viewed by clicking on Tango Festival Farmstand.



Day 1 Day 2
Tango Fringe Tree Tango Rose Tree


Day 3 Day 4
Tango Shoe Tree Frilled Tango Chicken


Day 5 Day 6
Rio Chico Dog Fiery Tango Duck


Day 7 Day 8
Awesome Meerkat Dancer Best Dancer Giraffe


Day 9 Day 10
Fringe Tan Tango Champion Kangaroo


Day 11 Day 12
Tango Expert Monkey Tango Pattern Peacock


Day 13 Day 14
Dance Paradise Lamp Dancing Pair Balloon


Day 15 Day 16
Tango Expert Gnome Golden Dancer Statue


Day 17 Day 18
Tango Dancers Tango Fest Board


Day 19 Day 20
Tango Genie Lamp Quechua Bull


Day 21
Exotic Tango Unicorn

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