FarmVille Beat Hawaii Quests


Finally it was released, now players will have a chance to grab hold of a Hawaiian Paradise Shipping License for FREE! in FarmVille Beat Hawaii Quest Challenge. Complete the following tasks to received one of the most wanted item in FarmVille a Shipping License for FREE. Having one of the Hawaiian Paradise License will enable players to ship back and forth items from Home to Hawaiian Paradise and vice versa. So start mastering those crops and save enough coconut to win the FarmVille Beat Hawaii Challenge!

If you happen not see the quest icon of the Beat Hawaii Quests, it is located in the left side of the game screen. It will only appear when player is in the Hawaiian paradise farm.


FarmVille Beat Hawaii Quest 1:


Complete the Volcano Reef to Level 10


10000 coconuts


FarmVille Beat Hawaii Quest 2:


Master All Hawaiian Paradise Crops to level 3

They are: Yams, Lilikoi, Double Pikake, Yellow Hibiscus, Royal Taro, Taro, Hilo Pineapple, Kona Coffee, Golden Sugar Cane, Hawaiian Orchid, Oyster, Hawaiian Ginger, Kelp, Shrimp, Yellowfin Tuna, Ono, Mussel, Rock Crab, Begonia and Goji Berry.


20000 coconuts


FarmVille Beat Hawaii Quest 3:


Have a 5 Star Tiki Bar


1 Instagrow


FarmVille Beat Hawaii Quest 4:


Upgrade your Farm to an Infinite Island (38×38)


3 Turbo Chargers


Bonus Prize:

Hawaii Shipping License

Beat Hawaii Trophy

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