FarmVille Dakota Quest Guide 6 to 9


FarmVille Dakota Quests

– So far after starting her new year resolution list in Farmville’s Dakota Quest, Miss Truffles is getting fitter and healthier and on the track on keeping her resolutions. Four more quest to go, and in this part you gonna help her with her diet by collecting some healthy recipes and take note of her some additional new years resolution. Here are the last four Truffles Quests…..


Farmville Dakota Quest 6: You Are What You Eat

– “They say “you are what you eat” and I intend to be healthy. It’s the last step to maintaining my resolutions!”


1. “I’m new to eating healthy and don’t know where to begin. I bet your friends can help.”

– Ask friends for 8 Healthy Cooking Books

2. “This guy has been following me around since the Scrub Brushes arrived.”

– Harvest the Spa Attendant Duck

3. “These types of chores will help me maintain my new, active lifestyle!”

– Harvest the Livestock Pen Twice


farmville personal shopper1 Penguin Personal Shopper, 1000 xp, 5000 farmville coins


Farmville Dakota Quest 7: Continuing Resolutions

– “Keeping my New Year’s Resolution was so much fun that i want to keep more. Maybe you can help me with that.”


1. “I need a few more resolutions. Maybe your friends could help me make some new ones?”

– Ask friends for 8 New Year’s Resolutions

2. “I need to look my best to keep me new Resolutions. The Personal shopper can help!”

– Harvest 1 Penguin Personal Shopper (Penguin Personal Shopper can be placed and harvested in a Zoo)

3. “Keeping resolutions makes me hungry. Let’s grow more yummy vegetables?”

– Harvest 350 Vegetable Crops


farmville snowy cottage1 Snowy Stone Cottage, 1250 xp, 5000 farmville coins


Farmville Dakota Quest 8: Better Put A String On It

– “Oh my! With all of these resolutions to keep. I just don’t know how I’m going to remember everything I must do. Can you help me?”


1. “I know I can tie a string around my hoof to remind me. Um…. better get a lot of string!”

– Ask friends for 10 Pieces of Pink Strings

2. “We’d better not lose track of my first resolution! Let’s check in with the Coach!”

– Harvest Coach Roadrunner

3. “I heard that Rhubarb is good for your memory, but I can’t recall where I heard that….”

– Harvest 400 Rhubarb


farmville snowy monopteros1 Snowy Monopteros, 1500 xp, 5000 farmville coins


Farmville Dakota Quest 9: An Alarming Developement

– “I didn’t get a start on my new resolutions because I overslept! I think I need some help getting up in the morning.”


1. “I need a loud Alarm Clock. Maybe a LOT of alarm clocks: I’m a heavy sleeper.”

– Ask friends for 12 Alarm Clocks

2. “I hear yoga gives you more energy in the mornings.”

– Master Yoga Piggy to its 1st Star

3. “A calming environment would help me sleep better. Let’s fill the space with calming flowers.”

– Harvest 450 Flowers


farmville snowy clock tower1 Snowy Clock Tower, 2000 xp, 6000 farmville coins


Farmville’s Dakota Quests Complete! Happy New Year to you all!

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