FarmVille Dakota Quest Guide


FarmVille Dakota Quests

– FarmVille is set to release the new Dakota Quests to greet the upcoming New Year. It’s a 9 part mission where FarmVille farmers have to help a Pig named Truffles keep her New Year resolutions, “to get fitTruffles made a list of workout and trainings and you gonna help him with his program. You will help him to be motivated and be inspired to finish his list of resolutions. Good luck and Happy New Year!


Farmville Truffles Quests

Farmville Dakota Quest 1: No More Truffles for Truffles

– “Don’t get me wrong, my figure is perfect! I’d really just like to be healthier. Thank you for helping!”


1. “I have wide feet and need special running shoes. Think your friends could help?”

– Ask friends for 3 Pairs of Running Shoes

2. “Nothing makes a run better than having a pet running along side!”

– Harvest the Pet Run

3. “Spinach is just the kind of food to fuel my runs and keep me healthy!”

– Harvest 250 Spinach


farmville roadrunner1 Coach Road Runner, 100 xp, 2500 farmville coins


Farmville Dakota Quest 2: Pumped Up Piggy

– “Coach Roadrunner told me that running wasn’t enough. Apparently, I also need to get “pumped up”.


1. “I don’t have any weights to work with. Think your friends can help with that?”

– Ask friends for 4 Dumbbells

2. “I’m starting to think some of the coach’s exercises are more about him than me…”

– Harvest Coach Roadrunner (harvest Coach Roadrunner will take usually 2 days but can be placed in Aviary)

3. “Fruit is my favorite health food, Can we stock up?”

– Harvest 150 Fruit


farmville workout chicken1 Workout Chicken, 200 xp, 2500 farmville coins


Farmville Dakota Quest 3: The Downward Pig

– “I think I’ll try Yoga. I hear it’s great for strength and flexibility! We’ll, that and Coach Roadrunner says he’ll make me eat nothing but lettuce if I don’t.”


1. “You can’t do Yoga without a mat! Think your friends might have a few extras?”

– Ask friends for 5 Yoga Mats

2. “That chicken is getting really worked up! There are feathers everywhere!”

– Harvest the Workout Chicken

3. “After all that yoga. I’ll need a salad. A big salad.”

– Harvest 200 Vegetable Crops


farmville yoga chicken1 Yoga Piggy, 300 xp, 2500 farmville coins


Farmville Dakota Quest 4: High on the Hog

– “I’m doing well with the exercise program. I think it’s time to get cleaned up!”


1. “I’m usually wallowing in mud so scrubbing hasn’t been my thing. Can your friends help?”

– Ask friends for 6 Scrub Brushes

2. “In order to harvest the birds in the Aviary. I’ll need to catch them first. Sounds like a workout to me!”

– Harvest the Aviary Twice

3. “I hear Green Tea is a great diet food!”

– Harvest 250 Green Tea


farmville spa attendant1 Spa Attendant, 500 xp, 2500 farmville coins


Farmville Dakota Quest 5: Lipstick on a Pig

– “My new healthy lifestyle is in full swing! I think the next step should be a new wardrobe. As they say, “the clothes make the pig!”


1. “I always been bad at shopping for myself. Maybe your friends could help?”

– Ask friends for 8 Skinny Clothes

2. “My new friend wants to get cleaned up, too.”

– Harvest the Yoga Piggy

3. “There are lots of healthy recipes I can make with grain crops.”

– Harvest 300 Grain Crops


farmville dakota track suit1 Dakota Workout Tracksuit, 750 xp, 2500 farmville coins



So far so good Truffles is on a pace on keeping her resolutions next is FarmVille Dakota Quests 6 to 9

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