FarmVille A Sculpture to Remember Quest


FarmVille A Sculpture to Remember Quests Guide

– It’s quests time again in FarmVille A Sculpture to Remember. And and as the Snow Games are still in progress we will compete in the farmville ice sculpting competition. We gonna work with Jean Pierrere, a well known ice sculptor and he will gonna teach us on how to do ice sculpting and make us one of the Master Sculptor and help us in the Ice Sculpting Competition. FarmVille Ice Sculpting Quests has 12 mission and will run for 12 days and you will have the option to re run the quest if you missed a reward and want to have a chance to get it again.


Reminder: Click the items image to send a request to friends.

FarmVille Ice Sculpting Quest 1: Sculpting Along

– “To sculpt zee ice, you must be one with zee ice!”


1. Ask friends for 4 Ice Brushes (request for request for ice brush)

2. “To undestand zee ice you must be calm, like a stalk of wheat swaying in the wild.”

– Harvest 150 Wheat

3. “A true artists has a number of skills! Try painting a bowl of fruit!”

– Harvest 50 Fruit


farmville ice sculptor quest 11 Ice Sheep, 100 xp, 2500 farmville coins


FarmVille Ice Sculpting Quest 2: Whittle Whittle Wow

– “We have a long way to go before your are a true ice sculpting master!”


1. “If you can whittle wood you can whittle ice.”

– Ask friends for 6 Whittled Animals (request for request whitted animal)

2. “Snow Carnations are zee secret to bringing your sculptures to life!”

– Harvest 175 Snow Carnations

3. “Be sure to take care of my creation.”

– Harvest 1 Ice Sheep (You can place and harvest Ice Sheep in a Livestock Pen, will take 1 day in a Pen) 


1 Whittled Tree, 200 xp, 2500 farmville coins


FarmVille Ice Sculpting Quest 3: Ice Flash

– “Your wit must be as sharp as an ice chisel to be Master Ice Sculptor!”


1. “Inspiration can come from anywhere!”

– Ask friends for 8 Inspirational Photos (request for)

2. “Flowers are a true inspiration!”

– Harvest 200 Lilacs

3. “Ice Sculptures need lots of attention if you want them to remain pristine!”

– Harvest 1 Ice Sheep


1 Snowman Photographer, 300 xp, 2500 farmville coins


FarmVille Ice Sculpting Quest 4: Sculpting Lessons

– “I will now share with you the secret techniques used by all Master Sculptors!”


1. “Zee real secret behind every sculptor’s success!”

– Ask friends for 8 Sculpt By the Numbers Kits (request for )

2. “Peanuts are my good luck charm. They can be yours too!”

– Harvest 225 Peanuts

3. “Even your earliest art will be worth something once you’re a master!”

– Harvest 1 Whittled Tree (You can place and harvest the Whittled Tree in an orchard, more or less 1 day to harvest in an Orchard)


1 Ice Gnome Sculpture, 400 xp, 2500 farmville coins


FarmVille Ice Sculpting Quest 5: The Sculpting Kid

– “Before you make your next sculpture be sure that you have all of zee tools!”


1. “A true sculptor carries a Chisel at all times!”

– Ask friends for 8 Chisels (request for )

2. “Be sure you have plenty of Snow Carnations to finish your next piece!”

– Harvest 250 Snow Carnations

3. “I hope you’ve been taking care of zee Ice Sheep!”

– Achieve level 1 mastery of Ice Sheep (easily can achieve if you place Ice Sheep in Livestock Pen)


1 Ice Scarecrow, 400 xp, 2500 farmville coins


FarmVille Ice Sculpting Quest 6: Sculpt It Out

– “At last, you have enough ice before you begin your first masterpiece!”


1. “Be sure you have enough ice before you begin your first masterpiece!”

– Ask friends for 8 Blocks of Ice (request for )

2. “Rice can make for an excellent piece of flair on your sculpture!”

– Harvest 275 Rice

3. “Now it is time to begin zee sculpting process!”

– Craft the Ice Pig Sculpture (you can find and craft the Ice Pig Sculpture in your Craftshop, if you don’t have one you can buy a Craftshop at the Market just use the search function of the Market then type Craftshop)


1 Ice Pig, 400 xp, 2500 farmville coins

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