FarmVille Quest: Beat Haunted Hollow


Earn one of the most desired item in FarmVille a Haunted Hollow Shipping License in FarmVille Beat Haunted Hollow Quests. Players can also win special prizes like Turbo Chargers, Instagrow, Mystery Dart and Spook Points. Plus the coveted the Beat Haunted Hollow Trophy!

Start preparing for this soon to be release mission by mastering the crops early and start upgrading your Haunted Mansion. The Lizard Monster will be a tough one to achieve considering it will require lots of Serums before you can unlock it. We find it best to get the desired color of serum by separating and grouping or putting monsters that gives certain color of serum together in their own Monster Lab. So we just build 5 Monster Lab for each Monster that gives Blue and Green etc. If you don’t have enough space just store some of your decorations if you’re interested in finishing this mission. Note: Image and quest data and numbers may still change prior to release.


Beat Haunted Hollow Tasks:

I. Complete Haunted Mansion to level 7 (skip 30)


II. Achieve level 3 Star Mastery on the following crops: (skip 30)

Jack O’ Lantern, Zombie, Tombstone, Sage

Ghoul Garlic, Green Toadstool, Spectre Strawberry, Wormwood

Phantom Frond, Candied Corn, Franken Fruit, Wolfsbane


III. Get The Highest Level Monster In The Monster Lab (skip 30)

– This means you have to produce the Lizard Monster  in the Monster Lab and in order to do that you’ll need to unlock it first by creating the Mega Monkey and then you’ll need the following Serum to create it:

Blue Monster Serum x 6

Green Monster Serum x8

Orange Monster Serum x6

Yellow Monster Serum x10

Pink Monster Serum x8

Here is a list on which monster gives this Serums taken from HERE

The Lizard Monster and the Fish Creature may give Pink Monster Serum.

The Mega Monkey and the La Chupacabra may give Yellow Monster Serum.

The Giant Moth and Mummy Duck gives Orange Monster Serum.

The Horse Costume Cow and Frankensheep may give Green Monster Serum.

The Monster Hog, Chickenpire will give Blue Serum.

If you have a Frankensheep and want to increase your chance of getting a Green Serum, try harvesting the Monster Lab by removing the Chickenpire and just leave the Frankensheep. Or build another Monster Lab and place them in separate.


IV. Build your Potion Shop to level 5 (skip 30)

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