FarmVille Quest Manager 2nd Release


A new set of FarmVille Quests from the past is making a comeback as they are re released as part of the Quest Manager Book. A total of 4 new additions from previous quests in FarmVille can now be played again with no time limit. Players can do these quests at their own pace and have no pressure of not finishing in time. The rewards are the same as before so players who missed this items or didn’t finished the quest can now have a chance to do it again. The quests are Celebrate Lunar New Year (released Jan 6, 2012), FarmVille Mardi Party (released Feb 16, 2012), Keep Your Animals Warm (released Dec 22, 2011) and Truffles Resolution (released Dec 29, 2011). We put up a quick glance guide on what are the rewards for these quests.

You can find the guides for these FarmVille quests here:


FarmVille Celebrate New Year Quests Guide

  • Rewards are Lunar New Year Cow, Lunar New Year Chicken, Lunar New Year Tree, Shovels, Lunar New Year Pig, Turbo Charger, Lunar New Year Sheep, Mystery Dart and Lunar New Year Horse.



FarmVille Mardi Party Quests

  • Rewards are Mardi Gras Duck, Doubloons, Mardi Gras Llama, Mardi Gras Building, Mardi Gras Ostrich, Mardigator, Mardi Gras Peacock, Mardi Gras Masked Pig and King Cake Gnome.



FarmVille Keep Your Animals Warm Quests

  • Rewards are Sweater Tree, Sweater Penguin, Ski Duck, Sweater Sheep, Sweater Cow, Winter Rug Horse, Snowed-In House, Frozen Autumn Pond and Snowboard Gnome.



FarmVille Truffles Resolution Quests

  • Rewards are Coach Road Runner, Workout Chicken, Yoga Piggy, Spa Attendant, Dakota Workout Tracksuit, Penguin Personal Shopper, Snowy Stone Cottage, Snowy Monopteros and Snowy Clock Tower.

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