FarmVille Quest Manager 4th Release


The 4th batch of previous FarmVille quest that is made available for players to do as part of the FarmVille Quests Manager are now out and ready to be activated. Choose any of the following quest to do. Wondering which one to start? you can check out the rewards first and see if the rewards are tempting enough to start it. Just click the icon on your quest manager to activate it. Remember these quests are untimed so you may finish it according to your phase.



FarmVille Cluck Rogers: Chicken in Space Quests

Synopsis: Help Barbara get Cluck Rogers into Space!

Rewards (in particular order): Cluck Rogers, Astro Tractor, Wilma Deer, Martian Tree, Space Costume, Simeon 62, Robot, Mechanical Tree and Rocket.


FarmVille’s Magical Ponies Quests

Synopsis: Discover FarmVille’s magical ponies!

Rewards (in particular order): Double Rainbow Pony, Star Pony, Mystery Dart, Friendship Pony, Butterfly Pony, XP Book, Bumblebee Pony, Unwither and Balloon Pony.


FarmVille I heard there was a Meteor shower tonight! Quests

Synopsis: Let’s watch the meteor shower with Timmy!

Rewards (in particular order): Star Cat, Unwither, Star Pond, Star Sheep, Shooting Star Tree, Turbo Charger, Star Dog, Mystery Dart and Star Unicorn.


FarmVille Let’s Go Horseback riding! Quests

Synopsis: Let’s Go Horseback riding with Anne!

Rewards (in particular order): Western Prairie Dog, Unwither, Western Pond, Barn Dog, Horseshoe Tree, Turbo Charger Pack, Collie Dog, Unwither, and Endurance Horse.


FarmVille Let’s Solve a Mystery Quests

Synopsis: Solve a Mystery with Inspector Sharonda and her sidekick!

Rewards (in particular order): Spy Dog, Unwither, Spy Lair, Cat Burglar, Magnifying Glass Tree, Turbo Charger, Inspector Horse, Mystery dart and Spy Fox.


FarmVille Pool Party Fun Quests

Synopsis: Get ready for the Pool Party with Aimee’s help!

Rewards (in particular order): Volleyball Pool, Cool Dog, Turbo Charger Pack, Cool Tiger, Cool Bear, Unwither, Cool Cow, Volleyball Tree and Mystery Dart.


FarmVille Summer Fairy Search Quests

Synopsis: Help discover the Summer Fairies!

Rewards (in particular order): Green Peacock, Unwither, Fairy Cottontail, Silver Buck, XP Book, Moonlit Mulberry Tree, Plum Blossom Pony, Mystery Dart and Summer Night Stallion.


FarmVille Summer Vacation Farmventure Quests

Synopsis: Discover summer farm wonders with Barbra!

Rewards (in particular order): Brown Baby Elephant, Unwither, Leaf Hut, Cotton Cow, Turbo Charger, Bell Pepper Tree, Purple Woodchuck, Mystery Dart and Pony Firefly.

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