FarmVille Sasha the Grocer Special Quests


Get some cool limited edition items in FarmVille Sasha the Grocer Has Arrived Special Quests. It is a unique short quests where players will be helping Sasha the Grocer. She will be asking 4 tasks for us to perform and then we will have 3 days to complete all the tasks. After the deadline Sasha will took some rest will be back after 4 days to have another 4 tasks to ask. There will be a total of 4 set of task or challenge.


FarmVille Sasha the Grocer Quests

FarmVille Sasha the Grocer


Quests 1: (11/25 to 11/28/2013)


Harvest 30 Lemon Trees (skip 9)

Harvest 400 Peas (skip 7)

Make 1 Arborist (skip 10)

Make 5 Grade A Fodder in Elite Horses (skip 14)


Market Square Pegacorn1 Market Square Pegacorn


Quests 2: (12/2 to 12/05/2013)


Make any 4 Milkshakes in the Dairy (skip 10)

Make 4 Dressings in Elite Horses (skip 8)

Make 5 Farmhands in Craftshop (skip 12)

Harvest 700 Soybean (skip 6)


Harvest Market Horse1 Harvest Market Horse


Quests 3: (12/9 to 12/12/2013)


Harvest 300 Kindle Onions (skip 9)

Harvest 150 Auroral Corn (skip 7)

Make 5 Santaberry Surprise (skip 13)

Make 3 Cinnaburst Buns in HL Crafting Cottage (skip 11)


Harvest Clydesdale1 Harvest Clydesdale


Quests 4: (12/16 to 12/19/2013)


Harvest 700 Broccoli (skip 12)

Make 3 Endurance in Elite Horses (skip 10)

Make 3 Bliss Serums in the Apothecary (skip 14)

Make 2 Large Cans of Fuel 5 Times (skip 14)


Autumn Festival Pegacorn1 Autumn Festival Pegacorn

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